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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Confuzzled Story #10 Letter Goodbye (Death of A Mermaid Pt. 4)

Once every other week I write a little story from my Confuzzling fantasy world.   This idea came from the drawing of the faeries you see above in the heading and writing prompts from Writer's   
 Confuzzled Story #10 Letter Goodbye (Death of A Mermaid Pt. 4)
Shannon McGee

 Rabbit stared at her mermaid friend.

“How do you know you're not dead?” asked Lanna, “Would Caran be doing this if you weren’t?”

Lanna shifting her hands over the pool of water in front of her and a image appeared of Rabbit elven brother Caran who was with Rabbit when she found Lanna dead.  But what was he doing?  He looked like he was writing a letter.  

Then suddenly his thoughts turned to sound as he “My therapist said write a letter to you now that you are gone to help me cope. There are so many things I felt left unsaid so many things I feel at fault for and not telling you I was sorry.  You remember the time paint was spilled in mom’s tree all over the walls and the floor.  I had said you had done it but we were young and you younger but I was to scared to admit that It was me afraid .  I was afraid mom would hate me.  I  don’t know why I thought it would be better for her to hate you.  That thought didn’t cross my mind until now.  I eventually came clean and said it was me after I couldn’t take her screaming at you and making you cry.  I am sorry Rabbit.  If I could take that back I would. I made mom believe it was her fault and didn’t talk to her for months or maybe just weeks it was a long time though.   Now I can’t say I am sorry.  Would it even matter or fix that rift I caused with you two ever since.  All my fault and now you are gone.  Is it all my fault your are gone to?...” Caran went on in his letter but nothing more needed to be heard.  She remembered the time her was talking about an knew now that he hadn’t meant to hurt her .

“ I am not dead!” she shouted to Lanna maybe too loudly.
“He just said I was gone. He knows I went on a trip to find out what is wrong with our Confuzzling World and what killed you?”  

“Oh Really?!” Lanna said playfully “ Do you remember telling him this?”  

Rabbit tired but couldn’t remember much from even yesterday come to think about it.
What did this all mean? Rabbit thought.

To Be Continued 

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