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Monday, April 4, 2011

Confuzzled Stories #6 Cirque de What? (Death of a Mermaid Part 3)

Confuzzled Stories #6 - Cirque de What?

I had been running.  Running away from an old friend and running away to what could have been my death.   I must have fallen because my face was in the mudd.   I looked up to see a dwarf with a heavy beard standing above me with a bucket of water.   Also above my head was a red tent... a circus tent?

First I was kidnapped, now I was in a circus that seemed to have a audience waiting for...?  “You okay?” the dwarf said.

I mumbled something that was suppose to be “I am fine.”  while trying to figure out if I was.  

I get up and shake my head yes.  He splashes the bucket in my face to wash the mud off ...I think. I look down and notice that I have a yellow and blue clown suit on and on my head is a red fluffy wig.  What the heck is going on? I thought.  Am I losing my mind?

Just as that thought comes to mind.  I blink and open my eyes as the world swirls around me.

Again I am splashed in the face with water.  I sputter, waving my hand in front of my face and shout “Quit it!”   Blocking my face as more splashes come.

“Come on ‘Santa’s Little Helper’ get in the water.” said a familiar voice.

I furrowed my brow and said , out of habit, “ Stop calling me that you over grown fish.” I opened my eyes and gaped.  I know that voice I thought it’s Lanna.

I stared at her breathing erratically not believing my eyes. It was my best friend who was dead. How can this be?

“Lanna your dead...?!” I said biting my lips holding back tears.

Lanna swims backwards in the lake looking at me as if nothing was wrong.

She laughed, and bobbed at the surface, then she said, “You sure?” she giggled some more.  “Maybe your dead? or maybe we both are?”

To Be Continued...

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