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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Confuzzled Stories #3 - Dragon Love

“Don’t say yes!” was spelled out on a dry erase board that dropped in front of Tigo while he stood at the alter with his dragon bride-to-be. A confuzzled fey named Web was holding the board.  She sprinkled pixie dust over the board and the words changed. “You have been bewitched, my love.”

Misa, his dragon bride turned to Tigo with eyes so bright. She said,  “Tigo, what is the meaning of this?”

“I don’t know.”

Again the board changed:”Misa is the witch of Bangles. This wedding is a mirage.”

Misa glared at the fey, then turned to Tigo. “That is not true, my sweets.”

“IT IS TRUE!” was written largely across the fey’s board. “She wants only your faery gold, so she can wish for what she wants.”

Tigo laughed a little, “That is ridiculous. Faery dragons can’t wish on the faery gold because we made it.”  He was still smiling as he turned to Misa. But the smile faltered when Togi saw Misa’s image flicker and change into Mona, the witch of Bangles.

Tigo looked around the whole area. The church filled with friends and family had disappeared. He shook his head, disoriented but coming out of the spell.

Mona turned to Web, with her eyes burning bright green. She mumbled something that sounded like a curse, then pointed at the confuzzled fey and screamed. “You ruined my plan! You speck of dust! I will watch your kind expire!”

A pile of leaves lifted off the ground and swirled around Mona. She disappeared and they floated away.

Web flew to Tigo who was sitting on a rock.

“I am sorry Web.  I don’t know what happened.” He held his head and looked lovingly at the fey in front of him.

She pulled the board out again and Tigo read, “No worries.  I know who you really love.” They hugged and sat, enjoying each other.

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