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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Shannon's Review - The Enchanted World Of Jessica Galbreth


Title: The Enchanted World Of Jessica Galbreth
Series: N/A
Author: Jessica Galbreth
Genre: Art, Fantasy
Publisher:  Chimera Publishing
Received: as present
Release Date: July 2006
Pages: 160


Shannon’s Thoughts:

Reviewing a art book is a little difficult. I am reviewing both the description of the art and the drawings themselves. What makes it hard is that every image is so beautiful that it hard to come up with so many adjectives to describe the awesomeness.

 As I flip through pictures of different fairies and mermaids I am inspired to create similar fantasy art. Looking at the wonderful watercolors I am drawn to how each composition comes together.  One of my struggles with painting is blending a background that goes with the images in the foreground.  

Jessica Galbreth has a well known style. You can see with each fairy how they seem to come from the same family or imagination.   

I hope studying this art helps me with my own art.  Only time will tell. I also hope to see more of Jessica Galbreth’s paintings in years to come.

Jessica Galbreth Official Websites:

Official Website:




Monday, April 25, 2016

Mumbling Monday - Starting A Series


(photo from Hung Chieh Tsai's photos.)

Part 1  - Starting a Series

 A lot of the time I start series not knowing it is the beginning of a book series. Most of the time finding out a book is the start of a series is one of the luckiest feelings. Lucky because when you loved the first book you find a note at the end saying to be continued.

Choosing to start a series of books can be overwhelming especially if you are very behind in your TBR pile but feel like you are missing out by not reading something everyone else is. A lot of the series I chose to read are popular series that most people have read already like,  Harry Potter, Twilight, Lord of The Rings, Game Of Thrones and True Blood series. Sometimes you just need to read something you know is good because of the volume of people who have read the series. You need to have fun reading or else you will stop reading altogether, which happens to me more often than I like.

There are certain series I may start because I like the subject and they have not caught on yet.  Most of the subjects are fantasy genre, like King Arthur, Retelling of Fairy Tales, Mythology, and Magical. There are times reading a single novel without prequels or sequels can be fulfilling. Reading and finishing any book, single or part of a series, feels like an accomplishment… at least for me.

Nowadays there are so many series to read and I would love to read them all.  I know that it is impossible to read every book I want to read in my lifetime.  I read one book and three more come out. The same goes with finishing a series. I may not finish them all but it is fun to try.

Do You Have A Favorite Series?

Next on Mumbling Mondays:

Where To Start A Series...

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Shannon's Review - Arrow Of The Queen by Mercedes Lackey


Title: Arrows Of The Queen
Series: Valdemar #1
Author: Mercedes Lackey
Genre: Fantasy, Fiction
Publisher:  DAW
Release Date: 1987
Pages: 320


Shannon’s Thoughts:

A young girl, Talia,  is a dreamer.  A dreamer that wishes for a life more magical then she has.  She wishes to become a Herald.   Her wish is her calling. She knew she was meant for more important things like saving the Queen with new found powers as a Herald.

If what I read is true this is Mercedes Lackey first published book.  It feels very Young Adult which is not a bad thing, it is just an observation.  The book is enjoyable not too sweet and a good start for a series.

There is one scene that seemed kinda awkwardly put in.  The scene has Talia, now a few years older, talking about getting physical with another herald and using birth control.  It just seemed odd and quickly pushed through the book, and then rushing on with the rest of the book.

I am more a fan of Mercedes Lackey’s Tales Of 500 Kingdoms series.  Arrow Of The Queen is not a bad book nor the best book. You can really tell it is her first book.  I may read the more from the series.  I did like the characters and sometimes I did feel like I was in a nicer version of Game Of Thrones...way nicer.

Mercedes Lackey Official Websites:






Friday, February 12, 2016

Five Fun Facts - Mercedes Lackey

Five Fun Facts

Mercedes Lackey

(photo borrowed from
  1. Was apprenticed by C.J. Cherryh and Marion Zimmer Bradley.
  2. Writes songs dedicated to Science Fiction/Fantasy genre groups and has won awards.
  3. She is a fan of birds. Mercedes and her husband own parrots.
  4. Became a writer because she was bored.
  5. Her favorite fantasy author is Charles de Lint

Info collected from wikipedia, and The Arched Doorway.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Shannon's Review - Moby Dick by Herman Melville


Title: Moby Dick
Series: N/A
Author: Herman Melville
Genre: Fiction, Classic
Publisher: Ebook
Received: Purchased
Release Date: 1851


Shannon’s Thoughts:

A shiphand named Ishmael meets other seafaring men including the strange and hypnotic Captain Ahab.  Captain is obsessed with catching the the great white whale named Moby Dick.

I started the book knowing there would be a lot about whales...probably too much.  I thought I would give it a shot anyway.  At first it was actually better than I thought. We meet Ishmael, and Ishmael meets Queequeg. Together they get to know each other a little and decide to join the crew of Captain Ahab’s ship.   The story with just Ishmael and Queequeg was interesting I wanted more and it made me hopeful as I read for a bit….but then the direction of the book changed.

Unfortunately about as soon as they get on the Captain Ahab’s boat, all the interesting things about Ishmael and Queequeg were gone, not just in one chapter but way too many.   By the time I start reading a chapter that is basically a page from an encyclopedia I had enough.

I could not continue reading.  I really dislike not finishing a book but my brain could not take the drawn out details about Ahab and the white whale or other whales. Whales are magnificent creatures but man did this just make them really boring.  

Author’s Official Websites:
Herman Melville’s Official Site





Monday, February 1, 2016

Mumbling Mondays - Book Challenges


Excited Kitty by S. M. McGee 2016

So the excited kitty reading is me when I love reading.

‘What?  You mean there is a time you don’t love reading?’   

Yes there are times when I don’t love reading.  Either I have burned myself from reading too much or my real life is in downward depression mode.  Ain’t nothing getting done while the second one is going on.

Let’s not focus on the negative.  Right now reading is in upward movement.  I am excited and pumped.  Why am I so excited?  I don’t know could be the new year ...could be I am bi polar..who knows.

I think a lot of it is “New Year Excitement”.  With “New Year Excitement” you want to redeem yourself from prior years and do better: join book groups, reading challenges, or vlog/blog more.

Let talk more about reading challenges.
When I first started blogging about books.  There were groups on Yahoo and ning that had list of Challenges and events other bloggers were hosting.   Like 24hr Readathon, where you (try) to read a whole day while competing in fun challenges every hour or the Classic Books Challenge, where you try to read as many Classics in a year, month or week.

My favorites are the readathons although the last couple of times I have failed at the reading

Do You Have A Favorite Challenge?  Do You Have A New Group Or Event You Want To Share? Let Me Know!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Mumbling Monday - TV Series To Comic Books

Mumbling Monday

Mumbling Monday is a day of ranting about books or writings.

This week’s topic is : TV Series To Comic Books.

(Some TV series that have continued into comics. 1. Buffy The Vampire Slayer, 2. Charmed, and 3. Revolution)

I am not a lover of books as ebooks but I do find comics as digital is so much better because I am rough on real comics.  They get folded, torn and I run out of spots to keep them. It is a great time for comics and I just don’t mean for the marvel and dc universe.  I am talking about tv shows that ended but are now comics.

1. Buffy The Vampire Slayer  - The t.v. show ended season 7 but the comic has continued and is now on season 10.  So much has happened and there are things that happened that I have seen and realize it was easier to do in comic form then in real life. Also after season 8 Angel and Faith gained their own comic called ..Angel And Faith.

2. Charmed - The tv series ended with a flash forward of the Halliwell witches with children and there is no magic or demons.   Well I think the comic takes place somewhere before no magic and demons or they just changed the future because there is magic and demons.  They witches are trying to handle being parents with magical children.

3. Revolution - The tv series was only on 2 or 3 years but the show ended on a cliff hanger.  The comic is due out soon and is to take place right after the show ended.  I am eager to see what happens.