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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Celebrate Every Day With Books 8/13/2018 - 8/19/2018

Celebrate Every Day With Books 8/13/2018 - 8/19/2018

It seems like everyday has some new theme to celebrate so I thought it might be fun to see what kind of interesting books I can find  (new, old, or coming soon) for an everyday holiday. In fact, most days have more than one holiday!

Just so you know I have not read most of these but the ones I pick seem the most interesting.  You can probably find tons more books for each holiday but I am only going to pick two books for every holiday.

Let me know what you think.  Do any of them seem interesting to you? Is there another book you think would be a better choice?


Left-Handers Day

Title: On The Other Hand by Howard I. Kushner
Genre: Non-Fiction, Medical, History
What It Is About?: Written in a lively style that mixes personal biography with scholarly research, On the Other Hand, tells a comprehensive story about the science, traditions, and prejudices surrounding left-handedness.”(from Goodreads)
Available: NOW

Title: The Left-Handed Dinner Party by Myrl Coulter
Genre: Fiction, Short Stories
What It Is About?: In The Left-Handed Dinner Party and Other Stories-a collection of new, delightful, distinctive short stories-everyone is missing something or someone; every family is riven by secrets and absences. From "The Remedy," a tale of revenge and justice, to "The Smart Sisters," a story of tricky family dynamics, Coulter's narratives portray relationships, loss, and what we learn in the aftermath of death.” (From Goodreads)
Available: NOW


Navajo Code Talkers Day

Title: Code Talker by Chester Nez & Judith Schiess Avila (Foreword by Jeff Bingaman)
Genre: Non-Fiction, History, Military, World War II
What It Is About?:He is the only original World War II Navajo code talker still alive—and this is his story . . .
His name wasn’t Chester Nez. That was the English name he was assigned in kindergarten. And in boarding school at Fort Defiance, he was punished for speaking his native language, as the teachers sought to rid him of his culture and traditions. But discrimination didn’t stop Chester from answering the call to defend his country after Pearl Harbor, for the Navajo have always been warriors, and his upbringing on a New Mexico reservation gave him the strength—both physical and mental—to excel as a marine.
During World War II, the Japanese had managed to crack every code the United States used. But when the Marines turned to its Navajo recruits to develop and implement a secret military language, they created the only unbroken code in modern warfare—and helped assure victory for the United States over Japan in the South Pacific.”(from Goodreads)
Available: NOW

Title: Navajo Code Talkers by Brynn Baker
Genre: Non-Fiction, Juvenile, US History, Native Americans, World War II
What It Is About?: During World War II, the Japanese military cracked the codes used by the American Army and Navy, but never the Marines. What made the Marines' code different? They used Navajo Code Talkers, specially recruited American Indian soldiers who used their language to send and receive top-secret messages. Infographics, sidebars, and fact boxes bring the experiences of these brave military men to life.”(From Goodreads)
Available: NOW


National Failures Day

Title: Failure Is An Option by H. Jon Benjamin
Genre: Humor, Essay
What It Is About?:Most people would consider H. Jon Benjamin a comedy show business success. But he'd like to remind everyone that as great as success can be, failure is also an option. And maybe the best option.”(From Goodreads)
Available: NOW

Title: Fantastic Failures by Luke Reynolds
Genre: Non-Fiction, Juvenile, Biography
What It Is About?: Kids will love learning about some of the well-known people who failed before succeeding and will come to understand that failure is a large component of success. With stories from people like J. K. Rowling, Albert Einstein, Rosa Parks, Sonia Sotomayor, Vincent Van Gogh, Julia Child, Steven Spielberg, and Betsy Johnson, each profile proves that the greatest mistakes and flops can turn into something amazing. “(From Goodreads)
Available: SEPTEMBER 11TH 2018


Tell a Joke Day

Title: Genius Jokes by Frank Flannery
Genre: Humor, Jokes
What It Is About?:This book not only supplies the readers with smart jokes about academic subjects like History, Science, and Philosophy, it also contains detailed explanations of the concepts and historical figures the jokes are based on so that you're never flying blind when dropping a comedic gem.” (From Goodreads)
Available: NOW

Title: The Unofficial Harry Potter Joke Book by Brian Boone (illustrated by Amanda Brack)
Genre: Humor, Jokes, Harry Potter
What It Is About?: Tickle Charms and Laughing Potions, meet your match! This follow-up to The Unofficial Harry Potter Joke Book: Great Guffaws for Gryffindor
Here's just a sampling of the jokes you'll find inside:

Which Hogwarts professor gets blamed for everything? Professor Snape Goat.

What's Professor Lupin's favorite day of the week? Moonday.

Why did Gilderoy Lockhart team up with Nearly Headless Nick? He needed a ghostwriter.

Did you hear that Professor McGonagall's animagi and Crookshanks get together and gossip about students? They're very catty.” (From Goodreads)
Available:  OCTOBER 23RD 2018


Thrift Shop Day

Title: New Dress A Day by Marisa Lynch
Genre: Non-Fiction, Hobbies, Sewing
What It Is About?:Complete with colorful before-and-after photos, fun sidebars, and even a groovy sewing song playlist to get you in the zone, New Dress a Day proves that you don’t need a sewing machine or a big budget to turn unfashionable trash into stylish treasure.”(From Goodreads)
Available: NOW

Title: Wise Craft by Blair Stocker
Genre: Non-Fiction, Hobbies, Mixed Media
What It Is About?: Wise Craft is a guide to the homemade life, turning old things into special new objects that enhance the home. Based on the popular blog of the same name, this guide focuses on creating a homemade atmosphere that reflects your family, without spending a fortune. Instead of throwing away old shirts and boring dishes, or passing up thrift store finds that aren't quite right, author Blair Stocker teaches how to remake, adding special touches to make them work for her home—and yours .” (From Goodreads)
Available: NOW


Geocaching Day

Title: Geocache Surprise by Jake Maddox (Illustrated by Sean Tiffany)
Genre: Fiction, Juvenile,
What It Is About?: Tim is disappointed when his best friend wants to spend their last day of summer geocaching. But a competition might make things interesting. Before the day is over, Tim will have discovered more than just a hidden treasure.”(From Goodreads)
Available:  NOW

Title: Geocaching Handbook by Layne Cameron (Foreword by Dave Ulmer)
Genre: Non-Fiction, Sports, Recreation, Hiking
What It Is About?: This book introduces the reader to the fast-growing outdoor sport of geocaching, which combines aspects of treasure hunting, high-tech navigation, and exploration. New to this book: --Updates to technology and use of social media. --Full chapter on smartphone apps. --Updates to photography--showing more technology and diversity of participants. --Mention of National and State Parks, which are now promoting geocaching. --Updates to swag, with official geocaching containers, special edition coins, and micro-containers, etc.” (From Goodreads)
Available: NOW


Humanitarian Day

Title: Making The World Safe by Julia F. Irwin
Genre: Non-Fiction, History, Modern, 21th Century
What It Is About?: In Making the World Safe, historian Julia Irwin offers an insightful account of the American Red Cross, from its founding in 1881 by Clara Barton to its rise as the government's official voluntary aid agency. Equally important, Irwin shows that the story of the Red Cross is simultaneously a story of how Americans first began to see foreign aid as a key element in their relations with the world.” (From Goodreads)
Available: NOW

Title: Seeking Light by Paul Grabhorn
Genre: Non-Fiction, Art, Photography, Photojournalism
What It Is About? Paul Grabhorn’s stunning four-color photographs tell an amazing, essential story—one of hope in the face of violence and deplorable conditions, of dignity in the midst of degradation, of light in the darkness of war and suffering.”(From Goodreads)
Available: NOW

Monday, August 6, 2018

Celebrate Every Day With Books 8/6/2018 - 8/12/2018

Celebrate Every Day With Books 8/6/2018 - 8/12/2018

It seems like everyday has some new theme to celebrate so I thought it might be fun to see what kind of interesting books I can find  (new, old, or coming soon) for an everyday holiday. In fact, most days have more than one holiday!

Just so you know I have not read most of these but the ones I pick seem the most interesting.  You can probably find tons more books for each holiday but I am only going to pick two books for every holiday.

Let me know what you think.  Do any of them seem interesting to you? Is there another book you think would be a better choice?


Assistance Dog Day

Title: The Possibility Dogs by Susannah Charleson
Genre: Non-Fiction, Pets, Dogs
What It Is About?: After a grisly search-and-rescue operation led to troubling consequences for author Susannah Charleson, she found that her relationship with Puzzle, her search dog, made a surprising contribution to her own healing. Inspired by that experience, Charleson learned to identify abandoned dogs with service potential, plucking them from shelters and training them to work with disabled human partners, to whom the dogs bring assistance, comfort, and hope. (from Goodreads)
Available: NOW

Title: A Dog Called Hope by Jason Morgan and Damien Lewis
Genre: Non-Fiction, Pets, Dogs
What It Is About?: "A Dog Called Hope" is the incredible story of a remarkable service dog who brought a devastated warrior back from the brink. It is the story of one funny, lovable dog's power to heal a family and teach a wounded man how to be a true father. It is the story of an amazing dog with boundless loyalty who built bridges between his wheelchair-bound battle buddy and the rest of able-bodied humankind. It is the story of how one very special dog gave a man's life true meaning. Humorous, intensely moving, and uplifting, Jason and Nepal's heartwarming tale will brighten any day and lift every heart.”(from Goodreads)
Available: NOW


National Lighthouse Day

Title: Lighthouse by R.G. Grant
Genre: Non-Fiction, Art, Architecture, Buildings
What It Is About?: Lighthouse is packed with extraordinary stories of human innovation, desperate shipwrecks, builders defying the elements and heroic sea rescues. Through more than 350 gorgeous vintage images and historic details, Lighthouse brings the golden age of seafaring alive.” (from Goodreads)
Available: NOW

Title: How Does A Lighthouse Work? By Roman Belyaev
Genre: Non-Fiction, Juvenile, Technology, How Things Are Made
What It Is About?:How can we tell one lighthouse from another? What does a lighthouse keeper do? Where are the most unusual lighthouses in the world? Depart on an enchanting voyage with the school children in this book to discover the answers to these questions along with other fascinating facts about lighthouses and how they work. A charming journey through the science and history of lighthouses around the world.” (From Goodreads)
Available: NOW


International Cat Day

Genre: Fiction, Juvenile, Animals, Cats
What It Is About?: Topher's amazing cat, Ka, has time-traveled again and left him yet another mysterious clue. Following his nose, Topher finds himself in Victorian London where the disease is rife and the Thames is clogged with stinking sewage!
There he discovers a plot to kill Joseph Bazalgette, the man who is trying to save the city. Determined to foil this foul plan, Topher must first escape from an arch-criminal and his den of thieves.” (From Goodreads)
Available: NOW

Title: The Zen Of Cat Walking by Clifford Brooks
Genre: Non-Fiction, Pets, Cats
What It Is About?: “Cultivate patience and appreciation for simple accomplishments. With step-by-step instructions, meditation guidance, and interviews with other successful catwalkers, you'll learn how cat walking can have a healthy impact on your life and the life of your feline companion.’(From Goodreads)
Available: SEPTEMBER 4TH 2018


Book Lovers Day

Title: A Literary Tea Party by Alison Walsh (Introduction by Sara Letourneau)
Genre: Non-Fiction, Cooking, Tea Time, Book Lovers
What It Is About?: Fire up your literary fancies and nibble your way through delicate sweets and savories with A Literary Afternoon Tea, which brings food from classic books to life with a teatime twist. Featuring fifty-five perfectly portioned recipes for an afternoon getaway, including custom homemade tea blends and beverages”(From Goodreads)
Available: NOW

Title: Book Love by Debbie Tung
Genre: Humor, Comic Strips
What It Is About?: Book Love is a gift book of comics tailor-made for tea-sipping, spine-sniffing, book-hoarding bibliophiles. Debbie Tung’s comics are humorous and instantly recognizable—making readers laugh while precisely conveying the thoughts and habits of book nerds. Book Love is the ideal gift to let a book lover know they’re understood and appreciated.” (From Goodreads)
Available:  JANUARY 1ST 2019


World Lion Day

Title: 10 Reasons To Love A Lion by Catherine Barr (illustrated by Hanako Clulow)
Genre: Non-Fiction, Juvenile, Animals, Lions
What It Is About?: Lions are magnificent animals! Did you know that lions are the only big cat to live in groups? Or that their roar can be heard for miles? Discover ten reasons why lions are amazing and five ways you can show they love them in this gorgeous picture book. A must for any young animal enthusiast and a fantastic introduction to environmental issues.”(From Goodreads)
Available: NOW

Title: When The Last Lion Roars by Sara Evans
Genre: Non-Fiction, Nature, Animal, Big Cats
What It Is About?: Sara Evans considers the cultural significance of the Lion over thousands of years as well as its historic rise and fall as a global species. She also explores the many, and often complex, reasons that explain why numbers have plummeted so catastrophically in recent decades. As humans are the lion's only predator, she asks what is being done to reverse, or at least stem this hemorrhage?

By interweaving vivid personal encounters with Africa's last lions--from Kenya in the northeast to Botswana in the south--visits to breeding projects in the west and their protectors all over the continent, she hopes to answer this question as well as turn the spotlight on the plight of Africa's most iconic and mesmerizing animals.”(From Goodreads)

Available: SEPTEMBER 4TH 2018


Celebrate Your Lakes Day

Title: Still Waters by Curt Stager
Genre: Non-Fiction, Nature, Ecosystems, Lakes
What It Is About?: Through decades of first-hand investigations, Stager examines the significance of our impacts on some of the world’s most iconic inland waters. Along the way, he discovers the stories these lakes contain about us, including our loftiest philosophical ambitions and our deepest myths. For him, lakes are not only mirrors reflecting our place in the natural world but also windows into our history, culture, and the primal connections we share with all life.”(From Goodreads)
Available:  NOW

Title: Lakes And Ponds! by Johannah Haney (illustrated by Tom Casteel)
Genre: Non-Fiction, Juvenile, Science, Nature, Lakes
What It Is About?: What kind of life can you find in lakes and ponds? In Lakes and Ponds! With 25 Science Projects for Kids, kids ages 7 to 10 explore the deep topic of these bodies of water—the life that teems in them, the history of their formation, and how they are changing as a result of climate change and human activity. Readers learn all about lakes and ponds while doing student-driven STEAM activities that promote the scientific method and allow for plenty of discovery through critical and creative thinking.” (From Goodreads)
Available: OCTOBER 12TH 2018


Vinyl Records Day

Title: The Ultimate Guide To Vinyl And More by Dave Thompson
Genre: Non-Fiction, Music
What It Is About?: An in-depth and comprehensive guide to and history of music collecting, The Ultimate Guide to Vinyl and More traces the hobby from its beginnings over a century ago. The book features informative and entertaining sections on every significant format in which recorded music has been released and some that are now almost completely forgotten.” (From Goodreads)
Available: SEPTEMBER 25TH 2018

Title: Designed For Hi-Fi Living by Janet Borgerson & Jonathan Schroeder (Foreword by Daniel Miller)
Genre: Non-Fiction, Music, History, Criticism
What It Is About? How record albums and their covers delivered mood music, lifestyle advice, global sounds, and travel tips to midcentury Americans who longed to be modern.” (From Goodreads)
Available: OCTOBER 23RD  2018