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Celebrate Every Day With Books 11/25/2019 - 12/1/2019

Celebrate Every Day With Books 11/25/2019 - 12/1/2019

It seems like everyday has some new theme to celebrate so I thought it might be fun to see what kind of interesting books I can find (new, old, or coming soon) for an everyday holiday. In fact, most days have more than one holiday!

Just so you know I have not read most of these but the ones I pick seem the most interesting. You can probably find tons more books for each holiday but I am only going to pick two books for one holiday a day. 

Let me know what you think. Do any of them seem interesting to you? Is there another book you think would be a better choice?


International Day For The Elimination Of Violence Against Women

Title: The Stop Domestic Violence Program by David B. Wexler
Genre: Non-Fiction, Psychology
What It Is About?: “...Presented in a 26- or 52-week psychoeducational format, STOP is packed with updated skills, exercises, videos, handouts, and homework assignments that challenge men to examine themselves and develop new tools to manage their relationship issues.” (From
Available: MARCH 31ST 2020

Title: Ending Gender-Based Violence by Hannah E. Britton
Genre: Non-Fiction, Social Sciences, Women Studies
What It Is About?: “...examines how place and space affect the implementation of policy and suggests practical ways policymakers can support street-level workers. Clear-eyed and revealing, Ending Gender-Based Violence offers needed tools for breaking cycles of brutality and inequality around the world.” (From
Available: APRIL 16TH 2020


Cake Day

Title: Enchanted Cakes For Children by Debbie Brown
Genre: Non-Fiction, Cooking, Desserts, Cakes
What It Is About?: “...This cake recipe book will charm children of all ages and help adults to recapture the magic of childhood. Expert author Debbie Brown takes you on a fascinating flight of fancy and shares her unique talent for innovative design, combined with her exceptional cake baking, fondant, and sugarcraft skills…” (From
Available: NOW!

Title: I Really Want The Cake by Simon Philip and illustrated by Lucia Gaggiolli
Genre: Fiction, Juvenile, Picture Book, Humor
What It Is About?: “...This deliciously funny story chronicles the battle of one little girl who tries, with all her might, to resist her greatest temptation: cake. Readers join our spunky, mischievous, and charming heroine and her devoted side-kick pup as the temptation mounts, and a little lick becomes a bite…” (From
Available: MAY 5TH 2020


Electric Guitar Day

Title: The World’s Greatest Electric Guitars by Guitarist
Genre: Non-Fiction, Music, History, Guitar
What It Is About?: “See 100 of the finest guitars ever crafted, from Eddie Van Halen’s Frankenstrat to Brian May’s Red Special…” (From
Available: NOW

Title: The Birth Of Loud by Ian S. Port
Genre: Non-Fiction, Music, Music History, Music Business
What It Is About?: “...In “an excellent dual portrait” (The Wall Street Journal), Ian S. Port tells the full story in The Birth of Loud, offering “spot-on human characterizations, and erotic paeans to the bodies of guitars” (The Atlantic). “The story of these instruments is the story of America in the postwar era: loud, cocky, brash, aggressively new” (The Washington Post).” (From
Available: NOW


Thanksgiving (USA)

Title: The Friendsgiving Handbook by Emily Stephenson
Genre: Non-Fiction, Cooking, Holiday
What It Is About?: “...The popularity of Friendsgiving celebrations grows every year—whether it's because of that weird uncle or the distance between your home and mom's table, The Friendsgiving Handbook is here to help make it your best holiday meal…” (From
Available: NOW

Title: This Land Is Their Land by David J. Silverman
Genre: Non-Fiction, History, United States, Colonial Period
What It Is About?: “Ahead of the 400th anniversary of the first Thanksgiving, a new look at the Plymouth colony's founding events told for the first time with Wampanoag people at the heart of the story…” (From
Available: NOW


Native American Heritage Day

Title: Native American Folklore And Traditions by Elise Clews Parson
Genre: Non-Fiction, Social Science, Folklore & Mythology
What It Is About?: “This book brings together several favorite tales from Native American tribes across the UnitedStates. From the heartwarming coming of age tales to warning tales of supernatural power, the stories told in this volume bring to life the culture of America'sfirst peoples…” (From
Available: NOW

Title: Fry Bread by Kevin Noble Mallard and Illustrated by Juana Martinez-Neal
Genre: Fiction, Children, Picture Book, Native American, History
What It Is About?: “Told in lively and powerful verse by debut author Kevin Noble Maillard, Fry Bread is an evocative depiction of a modern Native American family…” (From
Available: NOW

Small Business Saturday

Title: Company Of One by Paul Jarvis
Genre: Non-Fiction, Business, Entrepreneurship
What It Is About?: “...Company of One is a refreshingly new approach centered on staying small and avoiding growth, for any size business. Not as a freelancer who only gets paid on a per-piece basis, and not as an entrepreneurial start-up that wants to scale as soon as possible, but as a small business that is deliberately committed to staying that way. By staying small, one can have the freedom to pursue more meaningful pleasures in life, and avoid the headaches that result from dealing with employees, long meetings, or worrying about expansion. Company of One introduces this unique business strategy and explains how to make it work for you, including how to generate cash flow on an ongoing basis…” (From
Available: JANUARY 14TH 2020

Title: See You On The Internet by Avery Swartz
Genre: Non-Fiction, Business, Marketing
What It Is About?: “...In See You on the Internet, Avery Swartz, one of North America's top tech leaders, gives you a failsafe framework to plan and execute a brilliant digital marketing strategy with confidence. And you don't need a technical background to follow it. In five simple steps, you will learn to build your brand, increase your customers, and generate more revenue…” (From
Available: MARCH 10TH 2020


Rosa Parks Day

Title: So Other People Would Be Also Free by Tonya Leslie, Ph.D.
Genre: Non-Fiction, Juvenile, History, Memoir, Famous People
What It Is About?: “... the true story of Rosa Parks’ life—and the spark of change she helped light for the civil rights movement. Unlike other Rosa Parks books for kids, So Other People Would Be Also Free reveals how Rosa’s lifetime of experiences inspired her famous choice—when she stayed seated on a segregated bus to take a stand for racial equality…” (From
Available: NOW

Title: Rosa Parks: In Her Own Words by Susan Reyburn and Foreword by Carla D. Hayden
Genre: Non-Fiction, History, African American
What It Is About?: “...In this compelling new book from the Library of Congress, where the Parks Collection is housed, the civil rights icon is revealed for the first time in print through her private manuscripts and handwritten notes. Rosa Parks: In Her Own Words illumines her inner thoughts, her ongoing struggles, and how she came to be the person who stood up by sitting down…” (From
Available: JANUARY 15TH 2020

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Shannon's Review - Chef-A-Rella by Marie Agerton

Title: Chef-A-Rella
Series: Not Currently
Author: Marie Agerton
Illustrator/Book Cover Design: Lori Keehner
Genre: Fiction, Children, Fantasy, Royals,
Publisher: Createspace Independent
Received: Bought
Release Date: 2016
Pages: 32

Author Marie Agerton’s Official Websites:

None Found

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Illustrator Lori Keehner Official Website





None Found

Shannon’s Thoughts:
Princess Danielle loves to watch cooking shows and make her own meal creations. Her mother feels she should learn dance and that princesses should not cook for others, but that a princess should have meals cooked for her. Danielle tries to please her mother best she can but sometimes events happened that change a person’s perspective.

The characters are cute and the art gives it a happy whimsical feeling. As princesses go Danielle is a kind, creative and respectful little girl. She continues to dance to please her mother’s wishes but also keeps getting pulled into cooking, which is her passion.

At first reading the book, the mother comes off pretty harsh until you get to the end of the book. I was annoyed at her attitude towards Danielle’s talent and thought that the book was going to be a little different at the end. Thankfully things work out.

Chef-A-Rella is a picture book that teaches you to follow your dreams with or without the support of those you love. With the hope that they eventually understand and encourage you to do your best.

Monday, November 18, 2019

Celebrate Every Day With Books 11/18/2019 - 11/24/2019

Celebrate Every Day With Books 11/18/2019 - 11/24/2019

It seems like everyday has some new theme to celebrate so I thought it might be fun to see what kind of interesting books I can find (new, old, or coming soon) for an everyday holiday. In fact, most days have more than one holiday!

Just so you know I have not read most of these but the ones I pick seem the most interesting. You can probably find tons more books for each holiday but I am only going to pick two books for one holiday a day. 

Let me know what you think. Do any of them seem interesting to you? Is there another book you think would be a better choice?


Princess Day

Title: Princess: The Early Life Of Queen Elizabeth II by Jane Dismore
Genre: Non-Fiction, Memoir, Biography, Royalty
What It Is About?: “...With previously unpublished material and unique memories from friends and relatives who have known her since childhood, this book looks afresh and in richer depth at her life as Princess, glittering yet isolating…” (from
Available: FEBRUARY 1ST 2020!

Title: The Princess Rules by Philippa Gregory and Illustrations by Chris Chatterton
Genre: Fiction, Juvenile, Fantasy, Royalty
What It Is About?: “From the New York Times bestselling author of The White Queen and The Other Boleyn Girl... Princess Florizella may live in a classic fairy-tale world, but she’s no ordinary princess…” (from
Available: MAY 12TH 2020!


Camp Day

Title: Christmas Camp by Karen Schaler
Genre: Fiction, Romance, Contemporary, Holiday,
What It Is About?: “...Haley Hanson’s idea of the perfect Christmas is escaping to the Caribbean to work so she can avoid all the traditional Christmas distractions. Over the years, she’s sacrificed her personal life to climb the corporate ladder at a prestigious Boston advertising agency. Now she just needs to land a coveted Christmas toy company account to make her a partner. But first, her boss thinks she needs a holiday attitude adjustment and ships her off to a Christmas Camp at Holly Peak Inn to help her find her Christmas spirit…” (from
Available: NOW!

Title: Camping With Unicorns written and illustrated by Dana Simpson
Genre: Fiction, Juvenile, Fantasy, Unicorns
What It Is About?: “Life is never boring when your best friend is a unicorn! The latest installment in this bestselling series is full of mischief, magic, and adventure — as well as an important reminder to always stay true to yourself...”(from
Available: APRIL 7TH 2020!


Beautiful Day

Title: Dark Beauty by Lucy Costigan & Michael Cullen
Genre: Non-Fiction, Art,
What It Is About?: “...Dark Beauty will provide lovers of Clarke’s stained glass with the opportunity to view previously obscured or unnoticed details in all their unique beauty and inspire their own travels to view Clarke’s work. “ (from
Available: DECEMBER 27TH 2019!

Title: Beautiful Shades Of Brown by Nancy Churnin and illustrated by Felicia Marshall
Genre: Non-Fiction, Art, Juvenile, History
What It Is About?: “...Growing up in the late 19th century, Laura Wheeler Waring didn't see any artists who looked like her. She didn't see any paintings of people who looked like her, either. As a young woman studying art in Paris, she found inspiration in the works of Matisse and Gaugin to paint the people she knew best. Back in Philadelphia, the Harmon Foundation commissioned her to paint portraits of accomplished African-Americans. Her portraits still hang in Washington DC's National Portrait Gallery, where children of all races can admire the beautiful shades of brown she captured.” (from
Available: FEBRUARY 4TH 2020!

World Hello Day

Title: Hello by Aiko Ikegami
Genre: Fiction, Children, Picture Book,
What It Is About?: “A wordless picture book shows that the power of communicating can span across the galaxies.” (from
Available: NOW!

Title: Hello I Want To Die Please Fix Me by Anna Mehler Paperny
Genre: Non-Fiction, Psychology, Depression
What It Is About?: “...In Hello I Want to Die Please Fix Me, Mehler Paperny turns her journalist’s eye on her own experience and others’—in the ward; as an outpatient; facing family, friends, and coworkers; finding the right meds; trying to stay insured and employed. She interviews psychiatrists and other experts to reveal how primitive our methods of healing the brain still are—and provides an invaluable guide to a system struggling, and often failing, to help those in need. At once heartrending and humorous, outraging and serious, this is essential reading for anyone touched by depression—and that’s everyone.” (from
Available: MARCH 31ST 2020!

Stop Violence Day

Title: A Memory, A Monologue, A Rant And A Prayer Edited by Eve Ensler and Mollie Doyle
Genre: Essays, Women, Feminism, Short Stories
What It Is About?: “...These writings are inspired, funny, angry, heartfelt, tragic, and beautiful. But above all, together they create a true and profound portrait of this issue’s effect on every one of us. With information on how to organize an “Until the Violence Stops” event in your community, A Memory, a Monologue, a Rant, and a Prayer is a call to the world to demand an end to violence against women…”(
Available: NOW!

Title: Stop Teaching Our Kids To Kill by Lt. Col. Dave Grossman and Gloria De Gaetano
Genre: Non-Fiction, Parenting, Psychology
What It Is About?: “Completely revised and updated, a much-needed call to action for every parent, teacher, and citizen to help our children and stop the wave of killing and violence gripping America's youth…” (from
Available: NOW!

Fibonacci Day

Title: Fibonacci Zoo by Tom Robinson and Illustrated by Christina Wald
Genre: Non-Fiction, Children, Picture Book, Science, Math
What It Is About?: “When Eli and his father visit an unusual zoo, they count the creatures in each exhibit. Eli sees one alligator, then one bison, and next two camels. Soon a number pattern emerges and Eli thinks he can predict how many animals will be in the next exhibit. Explore the zoo with Eli as he runs ahead to test his hypothesis.” (from
Available: NOW!

Title: Finding Fibonacci by Keith Devlin
Genre: Non-fiction, Biography, Science, History
What It Is About?: “...In 2000, Keith Devlin set out to research the life and legacy of the medieval mathematician Leonardo of Pisa, popularly known as Fibonacci, whose book Liber abbaci, or the "Book of Calculation," introduced modern arithmetic to the Western world. Although most famous for the Fibonacci numbers--which, it so happens, he didn't discover--Fibonacci's greatest contribution was as an expositor of mathematical ideas at a level ordinary people could understand…” (
Available: NOW!

Mother Goose Parade Day

Title: Mother Goose Refigured by Christine A. Jones
Genre: Fiction, Folk Lore
What It Is About?: “...Designed for scholars, their classrooms, and other adult readers of fairy tales, Mother Goose Refigured promises to inspire new academic interpretations of the Mother Goose tales, particularly among readers who do not have access to the original French and have relied for their critical inquiries on traditional renderings of the tales.” (from
Available: NOW!

Title: The Librarians And The Mother Goose Chase by Greg Cox
Genre: Fiction, Fantasy, Adventure, Books Based on TV series
What It Is About?: “...Baird and her team of Librarians suspect that the magic of Mother Goose is again loose in the world, and with Flynn AWOL--again--it is up to Cassandra, Ezekiel, and Stone to track down the missing spellbook before the true power of the rhymes can be unleashed.”(from
Available: NOW!

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Shannon's Review - Goofy's Big Race by The Walt Disney Company

Title: Goofy’s Big Race
Series: Walt Disney’s Fun To Read Library Vol. 4
Author: The Walt Disney Company
Illustrator/Book Cover Design: The Walt Disney Company
Genre: Fiction, Picture Book, Children, Disney
Publisher: Bantam Books
Received: Bought
Release Date: 1985
Pages: 48

Author The Walt Disney Company Official Websites:






Shannon’s Thoughts:
Goofy’s Big Race is a retelling of a fable The Tortoise And The Hare, Goofy is the tortoise and Donald Duck is taking the role of the hare. Donald challenges Goofy to a race to the ice cream shop. As Goofy keeps trucking on “slow and steady” the infamous duck, Donald, makes many stops including taking a nap, very confident he will win.

I am a Disney fan so seeing Donald and Goofy in this story is fun. The story is probably not that different from the original fable.

Even though I am a Disney fan I think the original fable is better. I think while the characters are fun they may take away from what the fable is teaching.

I still love Disney and had many of this series when I was younger. I read them over and over until the age of 10 or 11. It is fun to go back and revisit them as an adult.

Monday, November 4, 2019

Celebrate Every Day With Books 11/4/2019 - 11/10/2019

Celebrate Every Day With Books 11/4/2019 - 11/10/2019

It seems like everyday has some new theme to celebrate so I thought it might be fun to see what kind of interesting books I can find (new, old, or coming soon) for an everyday holiday. In fact, most days have more than one holiday!

Just so you know I have not read most of these but the ones I pick seem the most interesting. You can probably find tons more books for each holiday but I am only going to pick two books for one holiday a day. 

Let me know what you think. Do any of them seem interesting to you? Is there another book you think would be a better choice?


Waiting For The Barbarians Day

Title: Conan The Barbarian: The Original Unabridged Adventures by Robert E. Howard
Genre: Fiction, Fantasy,
What It Is About?: “With this classic collection, fans of Conan the Barbarian can enjoy all the stories Robert E. Howard wrote for the magazine Weird Tales in the 1930s, as well as his hero’s later, longer adventures…” (taken from
Available: NOW

Title: The Barbarian Invasions: A Genealogy Of The History Of Art by Eric Michaud
Genre: Non-Fiction, Art, History
What It Is About?: “The history of art, argues √Čric Michaud, begins with the romantic myth of the barbarian invasions. Viewed from the nineteenth century, the Germanic-led invasions of the Roman Empire in the fifth century became the gateway to modernity, seen not as a catastrophe but as a release from a period of stagnation, renewing Roman culture with fresh, northern blood—and with new art that was anti-Roman and anticlassical…”(from
Available: DECEMBER 3RD 2019

Election Day

Title: Symbolism And Folk Imagery In Early Egyptian Political Caricatures by Byron D. Cannon
Genre: Non-Fiction, History, Middle East
What It Is About?: “Art is politics and politics is art in this study of post–World War I caricature art in Egypt and Egyptian politics. This book explores the complex meaning and significance of caricature art drawn to support the ascendant Egyptian Wafdpolitical party and its push for independence from British colonial control…” (from
Available: NOW

Title: Vote! 400 Years Of American Elections by Alan Axelrod
Genre: Non-Fiction, History, United States
What It Is About?: “...Through paintings, prints, photographs, and artifacts (including some amusing campaign buttons), it traces the evolution of our unique political culture and the gradual (still ongoing) extension of the franchise to all U.S. citizens eighteen and older…”(from
Available: APRIL 14TH 2019


Stress Awareness Day

Title: The Little Book Of Game Changers by Jessica Cording
Genre: Non-Fiction, Health, Fitness, Diet, Nutrition
What It Is About?: “...This book is for anyone and everyone who wants to chill the heck out and feel a little—or a lot—better. Watch out health and wellness goals—we’re coming at you with some game changers!” (from
Available: JANUARY 14TH 2020!

Title: Burning Bright by Kelsey Patel
Genre: Non-Fiction, Self Help, Motivation
What It Is About?: “Reclaim your energy, transcend burnout, beat anxiety, and step into your own power with inspiration, energy techniques, and simple rituals from a Reiki healer to the stars…”(from
Available: APRIL 28TH 2020!

Hug A Bear Day 

Title: Bear Hugs and Sock Bugs by Alicia Hogan Murphy and illustrations by Rachael Balsaitis
Genre: Non-fiction, Juvenile, Poetry
What It Is About?: “...sending our youngest generation, through humor and rhyme, messages of strong self-esteem, the importance of YOU and lessons of kindness. Enhanced by the adorable and comical art of Rachael Balsaitis, this collection is also destined to become a favorite for generations to come.” (from
Available: NOW!

Title: Gorilla Thumps & Bear Hugs by Alex Ortner and illustrations by Erin Mariano
Genre: Fiction, Juvenile, Social Themes, Emotion & Feelings
What It Is About?: “Annabel dreams of one day being a scientist, but teasing from other kids at school has hurt her confidence and left her feeling sad and alone. Join her as she learns how to use the Magical Tapping Technique to quickly release her sadness and regain her confidence…”(from
Available: NOW!


X-Ray Day

Title: X-Ray Me! By Felicitas Horstschafer and illustrations by Johannes Vogt
Genre: Non-Fiction, Juvenile, Science, Body
What It Is About?: “...What’s inside your body? Find out with this unique, large-format board book! The oversized X-Ray Me! has die-cut handles that allow readers to hold the book up to different parts of their own bodies to “see” bones, brain, lungs, heart, stomach, and more! The bright, bold illustrations are clearly labeled and offer an introduction to the way the body works. The unique format encourages interaction, both in the classroom and at home. A great choice for learning together, and for readers of Steve Parker’s The Human Body Book.” (from
Available: NOW!

Title: Mia Mayhem Gets X-Ray Specs by Kara West and Illustrated by Leeza Hernandez
Genre: Fiction, Juvenile, Fantasy, Superheroes
What It Is About?: “...Mia Mayhem is learning to control her x-ray vision! She can’t wait to see through walls and crack secret codes. There’s only one problem: her glasses are way too big, clunky, and totally not cool! But she knows that if she wants to keep up with her classmates, she’ll have to adjust quickly. Will Mia be able to look past her obstacles and see things through?...” (from
Available: APRIL 21ST 2019!


World Freedom Day

Title: Freedom Soup by Tami Charles and Illustrated by Jacqueline Alcantara
Genre: Picture Book, Juvenile, Children, Immigration
What It Is About?: “Join the celebration in the kitchen as a family makes their traditional New Year's soup -- and shares the story of how Haitian independence came to be…” (from
Available: DECEMBER 10TH 2019!

Title: Freedom Fighters by Robert Vendetti and Illustrated by Eddy Barros
Genre: Fiction, Graphic Novel, Superheroes
What It Is About?: “...Welcome to Earth-X, where the Nazi war machine used metahumans to win World War II and conquer the planet. After decades of fascist rule, the resistance has just been sparked in the form of the FREEDOM FIGHTERS…” (from
Available: APRIL 7TH 2020


Orphan Sunday

Title: The Winter Orphan by Cathy Sharp
Genre: Fiction, Historical
What It Is About?: “...Ella has never known love. Left as a baby outside the workhouse, Ella has only ever been treated with unkindness; especially from the hateful guardians of the workhouse, who hold the fate of the inmates in their cruel hands…” (from
Available: NOW!

Title: The Lost Orphan by Stacey Halls
Genre: Fiction, Historical
What It Is About?: “...Set against the vibrant backdrop of Georgian London, The Lost Orphan explores families and secrets, class and power, and how the pull of motherhood cuts across them all.” (from
Available: APRIL 7TH 2020!

Monday, October 28, 2019

Shannon's Review - The Eleventh Hour by Graeme Base

Title: The Eleventh Hour
Series: None
Author: Graeme Base
Illustrator: Graeme Base
Genre: Fiction, Children, Picture Book, Animals
Publisher: Harry N. Abrams
Received: Bought
Release Date: 1993
Pages: 32

Author Graeme Base’s Official Websites:

None current

None current


Twitter:None current


Shannon’s Thoughts:
The eleventh hour is a story about an elephant who hosts a party for his own birthday. He creates many lavish dishes for his friends. Before the elephant and his friends eat the feast they play many birthday games. After the games, the elephant and his guests find that someone has eaten all of the birthday meal. Beautiful illustrations to enjoy as you read the story and the art also reveals who ate the birthday dinner.

This is a very whimsical children's book. The illustrations are spectacular and there's so much detail it takes a couple of times to read to really see everything. The stories cute and children under 9 I think will enjoy it very much.

Even though I love the art the illustrations are overwhelming especially when you realize that only searching through the art is how you find who had devoured the meal.

I never did find out who done it I had bought this as a gift for a nephew. I would probably search through it again if I had had the time. It definitely would be good to help kids as a visual exercise.