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Monday, February 1, 2016

Mumbling Mondays - Book Challenges


Excited Kitty by S. M. McGee 2016

So the excited kitty reading is me when I love reading.

‘What?  You mean there is a time you don’t love reading?’   

Yes there are times when I don’t love reading.  Either I have burned myself from reading too much or my real life is in downward depression mode.  Ain’t nothing getting done while the second one is going on.

Let’s not focus on the negative.  Right now reading is in upward movement.  I am excited and pumped.  Why am I so excited?  I don’t know could be the new year ...could be I am bi polar..who knows.

I think a lot of it is “New Year Excitement”.  With “New Year Excitement” you want to redeem yourself from prior years and do better: join book groups, reading challenges, or vlog/blog more.

Let talk more about reading challenges.
When I first started blogging about books.  There were groups on Yahoo and ning that had list of Challenges and events other bloggers were hosting.   Like 24hr Readathon, where you (try) to read a whole day while competing in fun challenges every hour or the Classic Books Challenge, where you try to read as many Classics in a year, month or week.

My favorites are the readathons although the last couple of times I have failed at the reading

Do You Have A Favorite Challenge?  Do You Have A New Group Or Event You Want To Share? Let Me Know!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Mumbling Monday - TV Series To Comic Books

Mumbling Monday

Mumbling Monday is a day of ranting about books or writings.

This week’s topic is : TV Series To Comic Books.

(Some TV series that have continued into comics. 1. Buffy The Vampire Slayer, 2. Charmed, and 3. Revolution)

I am not a lover of books as ebooks but I do find comics as digital is so much better because I am rough on real comics.  They get folded, torn and I run out of spots to keep them. It is a great time for comics and I just don’t mean for the marvel and dc universe.  I am talking about tv shows that ended but are now comics.

1. Buffy The Vampire Slayer  - The t.v. show ended season 7 but the comic has continued and is now on season 10.  So much has happened and there are things that happened that I have seen and realize it was easier to do in comic form then in real life. Also after season 8 Angel and Faith gained their own comic called ..Angel And Faith.

2. Charmed - The tv series ended with a flash forward of the Halliwell witches with children and there is no magic or demons.   Well I think the comic takes place somewhere before no magic and demons or they just changed the future because there is magic and demons.  They witches are trying to handle being parents with magical children.

3. Revolution - The tv series was only on 2 or 3 years but the show ended on a cliff hanger.  The comic is due out soon and is to take place right after the show ended.  I am eager to see what happens.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Shannon's Review - Karmack by J.C. Whyte


Title: Karmack
Series: N/A
Author: J.C. Whyte
Genre: Juvenile Fiction, Fantasy, Bullying
Publisher: Muse It Up Publishing
Received: From Author For Review
Release Date: June 2013
Pages: 140


Shannon’s Thoughts:

A young group of boys bully kids at school. Suddenly the boys start to get injured after bullying a kid.  The leader of the group, Sully, notices a little gnome like creature appearing when their bullying rubber banded back to them.  Sully tries to make a deal with the nature spirit, Karmack, not understanding that what they were doing hurts others and Karmack was balancing good and bad to be even.

Excellent way to explain laws of karma to children.  I think it was a great idea to have the bully as the main character.  Stories like this are usually written with the kid who is getting bullied not the one dealing it out.  It a  refreshing change.  

I could see the character Karmack getting a series of books. Since Karmack is a nature spirit we could see his family and friends.   If there is spirit that balances his people when or if they do something bad.  You could pretty much go anywhere with a fantasy character like Karmack.

Author J.C. Whyte’s Official Websites:

Official Site:




Thursday, January 14, 2016

Blogger New Year Challenge Day 14 - Blogging Goals For 2016


Challenge Created by Parajunkee.  Go to to join in the fun.

Day 14 - Goals For 2016

First I would like organize the blog better and prepare my posts earlier. Probably turn the three blogs into one called Confuzzled Living.

Definitely read more to post more and catch up with requested reviews and arcs.

Keep it fun…And come up with new ideas.


Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Blogger New Year Challenge Day 13 - What Reader Cons Would You Like To Attend in 2016?


Challenge Created by Parajunkee.  Go to to join in the fun.

Day 13 - What Reader Conventions do you want to attend 2016

There is two book cons that I have only been to and I would love to go to again but it is not happening this year.

The first one is Book Expo America (BEA) and BookCon. They are different and connected.  I will not be attending because it is in Chicago this year it is usually in New York which is closer to me.

The Second is Philadelphia’s Book Festival which use to land on my birthday but the last two years they have canceled it because lack of funds.  :-(  


Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Blogger New Year Challenge Day 12 - Blogger Horror Story


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Day 12 - 2015 Blogger Horror Story

I can not say I have had horrible issues.  Not that I don’t make up my own in my head for myself.  

Have you had any troubles the past year?

Monday, January 11, 2016

Blogger New Year's Challenge Day 11 - How Many Books Will I Read in 2016


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Day 11 - How Many Books in 2016 Will I Read

I plan on reading at least 25.  Although secretly hoping I read more.

High on my TBR pile is

TheSwansOfFifthAvenue.jpg TheKindness.jpg BloodOfAncientKings.jpg