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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Confuzzled Stories #9 - My True Mother ( A Young Dragon's Tale Pt.1)

Once every other week I write a little story from my Confuzzling fantasy world.   This idea came from the drawing of the faeries you see above in the heading and writing prompts from Writer's   

 Confuzzled Stories #9

My True Mother (Tale of Young Dragon Part 1)

“Oh Deary Me! Rebekkah the genie lamp is ringing! Can you answer it? It Mother’s Day after all I shouldn’t strain myself.” Said Goldie Locke .

“Yes mother I will get it you just relax and watch Survival of the Fittest and then I will bring out the cake!” Rebekkah said anxiously

She picked up the phone and answered “Hello? Lockes Cave...”

“Stop celebrating with her Rebekkah that is not your real mother!!!”  Said the dainty voice similar to Rebekkah’s.

“Hello??  I am sorry I think you have the wrong cave?” Rebekkah said shaking obviously disturbed.

“No! Please don’t hang up!!..” said the voice kindly as possible. “I have been trying and trying to find a way to tell you my sweet child.  That beast Goldie stole you as an egg from me and took you to the Locke’s cave.  You are not a Locke Rebekkah you a Hearth....My name Jabbie Hearth. I am your mother.” she said tearfully, “ I just  couldn’t take another Mother’s Day without you.  Haven’t you ever noticed you don’t resemble the Locke’s?”

Rebekkah drew a long breath inward and began to look nervously around the room.  This can’t be true she thought. Tears began to weld in her eyes.

“Rebekkah Deary who is it?  Who has upset my daughter?”  asked the crackly fiery voice of Goldie Lock.   She took the phone from her visibly upset dragon child.

“Who isss thiss ?!” said Goldie in her most ferrous tone.

Sobbing on the other end was Jabbie, “I finally found you Goldie and I told Rebekkah what you did and her father and I are coming for her.  So you better be ready for us! “

“ I don’t know what you taking about!  Don’t call this cave again or there will be trouble! “ said Mrs. Locke

Goldie slammed the the genie lamp against the cave wall in anger. A small voice from inside could be heard saying “Ouch!”   Goldie turn to Rebekkah to comfort the child but it was too late Rebekkah had run from the cave in tears.   Goldie called and searched for her in fear of losing the young thing.

Rebekkah hid near the fullest bushes by the watering hole and cried knowing what the caller had said was true but was to upset to even comprehend what to do about.

Then floating above her head she hear a whisper “ Why are you crying little dragon?”  asked the small Confuzzled Fae with a star head band and Faery wand.

Rebekkah just waved the thoughts of the Faery away and cried some more.

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The Vintage Bookshelf said...

What fun, I shall go through the links and check out the other stories. Meantime I've posted a photograph of the vintage book on my www wednesdays for you to see, should have done it on my orginal post really but was in a bit of a hurry.