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Friday, April 15, 2011

Confuzzled Stories #7 - Pardon the Interruption

Confuzzled Stories #7 - Pardon the Interruption

Dear Reader,
Have you ever pondered the reason you do what you do?  As a matter of fact I really didn’t until one day there was a star tapping at my computer screen.   That’s right there was a cute looking bald headed Confuzzled Fae staring back at me. (now reader if you didn’t know before Confuzzled Fae have only eyes and a nose. No mouth to speak words from they do so with their thoughts, which make them very hard to lie to because they know pretty much everything)  This Confuzzled Fae was a curious one I must say.   While it tapped on the screen politely (as all Confuzzled Faes are) and it thought... telepathically of course....” Why are you doing what your doing?” it asked.

“I am sorry?” I said “What do you do you mean exactly?”

“I mean why write book reviews, make arts and crafts, or write stories?” it asked staring at me intently (as Confuzzled Fae also do)

“Well I guess...” I thought about it “ It is so people can see my ideas or enjoy my art or stories.” I smiled boldly.

The Fae brought it’s head closer and looked into my eyes.”Is that truly it? Are you sure? How do you know people are reading or looking or frankly if they even care what you do?”
I farrowed my brow and contemplated, “ I guess it is not really for them it is for me.  I need to create.  There is just a need to be creative.” I said.

The Fae tilted it’s head “I see it thought. So you create why? For only your purpose no one else...?”

“Well not it’s not just creative purposes I have I guess...I have hopes that one day maybe know ...that I and my family may use this to reach people and become financially stable... Why is that wrong?”  I said wondering what the intuitive Fae thought.

“No not wrong the Fae said but is that really your purpose? Is that all you are meant for?” it wondered.

“Of course that is not all I do.  I have a family as I said I just need an outlet for my emotions thoughts, dreams, and hopes. Don’t you have such aspirations?” I asked the Fae.

“No.” it thought melodically.”Not really but it does soudn fun. Ta Ta.” it thought as it left my screen leaving me to my thoughts and feelings and asked many whys... I thought I created because I was created but now...Why do I do what I do? I sighed melancholy. 

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