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Monday, September 13, 2010

Confuzzled Stories #4 - Death Of A Mermaid by Shannon McGee

 Death Of A Mermaid by Shannon McGee

“Tell me if you heard this one,” said my elvish friend Caran, ”A satyr and a centaur walk into a bar...”
“Ugh...” I groaned and covered my face. ”Please stop; no bar jokes. I’ve heard them all, and we’re here any way.”
“Alright.” Disappointed, Caran looked around to see if anyone was watching. After all, we were breaking into the local pool. (Actually the waters left from the waters of Avalon.) Hey, don’t judge: I ‘m a Elf, not a Angel.

You might ask why the two of us were breaking in to swim. The answer is, because we were plain bored.  

Caran stared through the broken part of the fence and went ahead to make sure everything was clear. I heard him whistle for me to meet him. Caran stood by the water in the darkness, giggling and ready to dive.

“Thank goodness the world quake didn’t damage this area or we would have nothing to do,” he said, then he plunged in.

I let my legs hang over the side of the pool to get use to the water and waited for him to come up to ask my question:“There was a quake today?”

“Yeah. Didn’t you feel it around noon? You probably were at work.”

“At noon?” I mumbled to myself, trying to recall the day. Wrangling those Confuzzled Fae was pretty rough. There could have been one and I didn’t notice or ... what ... is that a .. .Oh My, it’s Lanna ... Her face looks ...  I tried to stand up and scream, but I slipped on the tile and everything went black.

I woke up to lights flashing all around and tried to remember where I was. The last memories I had came back, and I sobbed and called for Caran. He quickly came to my side. Not realizing what was going on around me, I started and grabbed Caran at his shoulders. “You have to help her Caran! It’s not ...  Oh, Lanna! Help her.” I spit out words as I cried, my mind fixed on the memory of the deformed face of my mermaid friend Lanna staring blankly up from the pool.

Caran hugged me and said calming things. He tried to explain what happen and that no one could help Lanna, but it all didn’t register. I started to stand up and walked toward the pool looking for her, but Caran said they had already taken her out. I noticed some thing in the bottom of the pool--there was a huge crack in it.  Caran saw me looking and explained, “They said the crack probably came from the world quake today. We probably didn’t see it because the lights were on. They aren’t sure, but they figure it must lead to the lake around Atlantis where Lanna lives.”

“But what happen? How did she die?” I asked.

“They think she was scared to death,” he said in a sorrowful voice. ”Look, we should go. You should get some rest and there is really nothing we can do.”

I followed him dutifully, but my thoughts were anything but done with the death of Lanna the mermaid. I will find out what happened, and when I do ... I will ... Well ... I don’t know. But it will be epic.

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