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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Confuzzled Story #11 Shannon's Ode To Books

Once every other week I write a little story from my Confuzzling fantasy world.   This idea came from the drawing of the faeries you see above in the heading and writing prompts from Writer's   

Confuzzled Story (poem) #11 Shannon's Ode to Books
Shannon McGee

Once there was a young girl named Shannon.
When she went to library she took every book she could hand in.
She carried them out.
Reading all about;
Dogs in 101 Dalmatians.
Old Yeller ended in a exclamation!  
Charlotte Web gave her heart such a wrench.
Nancy Drew solved cases in every sense.
Charlie and Chocolate Factory was sweet,
even the sequel you could not beat!
Beverly Cleary, how she read every book by this author
An obsession was born you could not stop her
As Shannon grew so did her taste,
V.C. Andrews books were in the race.
Danielle Steel, Jackie Collins and Gone with the Wind too
You would have thought this child had nothing better to do.
Reading was the passion
Thriller and horrors began to cash in.
For a long time there was no better then V.C. Andrews you see
She even made a website for thee.
Then those books weren’t enough
She had to make her mind tough
She had to move along
Book Blogging became her song
A review here, an event there
Maybe she didn’t update today would they care.
Giveaways she held even when no one would come
She would wait she had time for some.
She made art for her blog and spent so much time.
So what if some days she even whined,
About having too many books to read.
Too have too many books the idea remains unseen.
So yes sometimes her review were late
She read at her own speed not any old date.
Schedules she made to bring her current
There were just so many books in the torrent
What chaos do refer
Real life! Yes, Sir!
Will she catch up one day
Well I doubt will be today!

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vvb32 reads said...

cool! vc andrews was my number one author way back ;-D