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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Author Spotlight - Chris D'Lacey

Name: Chris D’Lacey   

Born: Dec 16th 1954  Valetta, Malta UK           

Best Known For:  The Last Dragon Chronicles

Grew Up In: U.K.

Graduated from : University of York w/ degree in Biology

Work History:  At the University of Leicester at Preclinical Science Dept.

Books: The Last Dragon Chronicles (#1-6), Rain and Fire: A Guide To The Last Dragon Chronicles, The Dragon of Wayward Crescent (#1-4), From E to You, Dexter’s Journey, The Salt Pirates of Skegness, Riverside United, Henry Spaloosh, A Break in the Chain, Shrinking Ralph Perfect, In the Frame, Franklin’s Bear, Falling for Mandy, Yelban : A Brake in the Chain, On Me’end Santa!, A Hole in the Pole, Juggling with Jeremy, Lofty , The Prompter, Bubble & Float, Horace The Table Foorball League, Pawnee Warrior, Fly Chekokee Fly.  

What Is He Doing Now? Finishing up the last book in the Last Dragon Chronicles - #7 The Fire Ascending.

Connected to the Web?  Yes

Blog? Yes.

Book Reviews on This Blog: The Fire Eternal, Dark Fire, Gruffen, and Gauge

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