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Friday, April 1, 2011

"Dust" And Other Poems by Thomas Noel Smith

Title: “Dust” and other poems
Author: Thomas Noel Smith   
Publisher: Outskirts  Press                                             
Received: From Bostick Communications for review purposes
Release Date: Jan 2011

What is it about?
Poetry from a wise gentleman feeling that he is near the end of his life shares his heart & soul throughout his writings.

My Thoughts:
The more I read poetry the I feel I like it and come to understand some of it.

Thomas Noel Smith’s poetry moved one in many ways.  There is a sadness and wisdom not only in the mans’ eyes but how he views things in the world and what he feel is the end of his years.  Loss of love, loss of faith, and grief over life’s ups & downs.  His poetry is honest deeply felt in the heart.

Sometimes I was so moved by the poems I would put the book down saddened by the thoughts and his losses.  My favorite poem would have to be “Enough”.   There are a  few lighter ones as well and I enjoy that his work has been shared for all to see.

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Anonymous said...

He was my substitute in art class today, no joke O_O I didn't know he was a writer/actor until someone else told me to look him up lol