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Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Fire Eternal by Chris D'Lacey

2nd Book Finished for Read- a- Thon!!

pages : 506

Summary: Fourth book in a series by Chris D’Lacey. This one takes place five years after the last book FireStar. Our main character, David, from the last books is missing and we now find out that his girlfriend, Zanna, has had a daughter by him. The daughter might be the key to saving the world from the end of days.

My Thoughts: Loved to see the returning characters in one, Zanna, Lucy, Arthur and let’s not forget all the dragon characters. Very creative and imaginative story about dragons and where they come from. They even added some fairies in this time. I most loved about this book is the characters returning to them just felt natural and it did seem like there was more story to be told. I even got the feeling there could be another one in the works. I recommend this book any time a there is a kid asking for a good series and especially if they like fantasy I recommend this at work. I thought this whole series was great and I have even made my husband read them. One thing I didn’t like was how abruptly it ended I was confused when it ended and had to go back and read it again to make sure I had not missed some thing. Other then that is was good. 4 Stars

About the Author: You can tell Chris D’Lacey is passionate about saving the polar bears and the ice caps from this series and the other small books he has written for children about them. He mostly known for his dragon series.


Maree said...

Books about dragons are always good.
Happy reading. :)

Care said...

wow - that is some amazing book cover art.

Eva said...

Glad you enjoyed it! I'm with Care: great cover. :)

C. B. James said...

Two books read. Great job.

When you're all finished and had some sleep, stop by my blog to enter a special book giveaway for read-a-thon participants.

Keep reading.

Eva said...

If you're still with us, I hope you're enjoying your reading! :D

Confuzzled Books said...

Thank you all for stopping by yes I did go to bed and enjoyed that. ;-) But back to reading now.