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Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Trouble With Tink by Kiki Thorpe

Third book Read for Read- A-Thon! And I forgot this disney fairy books are also for the Young Readers Challenge at Becky's.

Total Pages Read : 726

Summary: Tinker Bell loses something, rumors start that she lost her talent to fix pot and pans.

My Thoughts: I like this one it was as good as the last Disney Fairy book I read, A Masterpiece for Bess, but it was nice. It was nice to see what happen with her an Peter Pan in this one although it the is no continuity to other Peter Pan stories by Disney, like Peter and the Starcatchers. There was no real lesson in this one and the other if fact I don’t like the fact that it was okay for Tinker Bell to not ask for help and keep everything to herself that didn’t seem right. 3 Stars

About the Author: Kiki Thorpe has written many books some separate novels, Disney books and a lot of Bear in the Big Blue House books. Unfortunately she does not have a website but I can just by looking at the google search people have been looking for her biography. She has written one other Disney Fairy book call Tink, North of NeverLand. Disney Fairies, Fantasy, Kiki Thorpe, Read-A-Thon, Series, Young Reader Challenge


Eva said...

I bet my niece would love this! My sister's obsessed w/ Disney stuff, so my niece is as well. lol

Confuzzled Books said...

Yeah I love the Fairies. I am not to big on the princesses but fairies got me.

Anonymous said...

If you're "worried" about continuity, then you should know that Peter and the Starcathers [though it is a fun tale!] has no continuity with J.M. Barrie's original stories. They're more for Disney's Pan. But it seems you might know that. Just saying :) Actually, ALL the prequels and sequels out there contradcit Barrie. Except one. It's coming soon and I can't wait for the release. It's based on Barrie's idea for more Pan adventure. There's an announcement page here: