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Monday, June 16, 2008

Peter And The Starcatchers by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson

Summary: Peter is a orphan boy going on a trip by ship. He meets a strange but interesting girl named Molly who part of a group of people called the Starcatchers. She on the boat protecting a trunk of mysterious treasure. Pirates are after this treasure especially the pirate called the Black Stache.

My Thoughts: Now I can't compare this prequel to the original Peter Pan because I have never read it and since this is really connected to Disney's and I only have vague recollections of the movie so I can't judge on how it compares. It is a strong fantasy story. Character's aren't as defined as I liked and I felt like it was missing some things. I have come to realize that my favorite character from Peter Pan is Tinker Bell and I missed her in this. I also wanted to know more about the Starcatchers I feel like they could have expanded more on them and their mystical treasure. The book is okay and I am not sure I will read the other books in the series written by the authors because basically if I do, it would be to say I read them and not because I loved the series. I thought there would be more humor since author Dave Barry was co-author. There was some humor but could have it could have been lighter.

About the Authors: Well I know Dave Barry is a humorist and writes columns for Miami Herald. Okay I had to look the newspaper up I knew he wrote for a newspaper but anyway I had never read anything by him. I have however read a book by Ridley Pearson called The Kingdom Keepers which is a story based in Walt Disney World and I highly recommend it. And yes you read that right The Kingdom Keepers is a story with characters based in Walt Disney World. New characters not Mickey Mouse and friends. If you would like to check out more by the authors you can go to and

This is also for the Novel Challenge Mini Challege to read a children's book and review it.


Anonymous said...

It might be a fun adventure story. But you're also right about not being able to compare it to the original. The fact is that it's more a prequel to Disney's movie (the publisher Hyperion is a subsidiary of Disney) than Barrie's classic. It contradicts MANY things in his stories. So, it can't be considered a prequel. Actually, all the prequels and sequels about Peter Pan go against what Barrie had written. But there is a new one coming, which does not. It's based on his notes for another Pan adventure. There is an announcement page here:
Believe! said...

Thanks for the tip. Maybe one day I will put Peter Pan on my TBR list as for now it has to stay off to many on there as it is. :-)