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Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Masterpiece for Bess by Laura Bergen

1st Book Done for the Read-A-Thon!!

Summary: Bess an artist fairy who paints a portrait of Tinker Bell and soon all the other fairies want a portrait to call there own.

My Thoughts: Very cute. I thought this really captured the artist in me. I don’t know if I would say Bess is my favorite fairy thou but I see a lot of myself in her she’s messy, and likes to paint when wants to. I read this fairly quickly it is somewhere in the mid range for a chapter book not too easy and not to hard but definitely an enjoyable story. 4.5 stars

About the author: I couldn’t find to much on Laura Bergen. She has written some Dora’s The Explorer books and more Disney books. This is the only Disney fairy book she has done so far. I give her an A+.


Eva said...

Aww: what a cute cover! I bet my niece would love this. :)

Confuzzled Books said...

All the disney fairy covers are that cute too. :-)