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Monday, January 15, 2018

Celebrate Everyday With Books 1/15/2018 - 1/21/2018

Celebrate Everyday With Books 1/15/2018 - 1/21/2018

It seems like everyday has some new theme to celebrate so I thought it might be fun to see what kind of interesting books I can find  (new, old, or coming soon) for everyday holiday.  Just so you know I have not read most of these but the ones I pick seem the most interesting.  You can probably find tons more books for each holiday but I am only going to pick two books for every holiday.

Let me know what you think.  Do any of them seem interesting to you? Is there another book you think would be a better choice?


Martin Luther King Day

Title: My Daddy, Martin Luther King Jr. by Martin Luther King III
Genre: Non-Fiction,Juvenile, Biography
What It Is About?: The son of Martin Luther King Jr. tells what it was like being his child.
Available: IN STORES NOW

Title: The Seminarian by Patrick Parr
Genre: Non-Fiction, Biography, Politics
What It Is About?: Martin Luther King Jr.’s story as a young preacher and academic and what led him to become the man we remember.
Available: APRIL 1st  2018

National Hat Day

Genre: Non-Fiction, Craft and Hobbies, Knitting
What It Is About?:  Learn to knit cute animal hats for kids and adults.
Available: IN STORES NOW

Title: Hat Socks Shoes by Scarlett Wing
Genre: Fiction, Boardbook, Baby, Toddler, Lift-The-Flap
What It Is About?:  A lift-the-flap board book that teaches about different clothes for different weathers.
Available: JANUARY 16th  2018


Appreciate A Dragon Day

Title: Dragon Dancer by Joyce Chng
Genre:  Fiction, Picturebook, Childrens, Holiday, Chinese New Year
What It Is About?: A story mixed with mysticism and history.  A young boy tries to awake the sky dragon during the Eve of The Chinese New Year.
Available: IN STORES NOW

Title: Dragons: Behind The Legend by Erin Peabody
Genre: Non-Fiction, Juvenile, Folklore, Mythology, Dragons
What It Is About?: Analysing sighting and evidence on finding if dragons do or ever did exist.   
Available: MARCH 6th  2018

National Nothing Day

Title: Nothing by Henry Green
Genre:  Fiction, Literature
What It Is About?: A couple who had an affair end up reuniting at their children’s wedding.
Available: IN STORES NOW

Title: On Doing Nothing by Roman Muradov
Genre: Non-Fiction, Self Help, Time Management
What It Is About?: Collection of stories and essays from artist, writers and others on the science of doing less.    
Available: APRIL 24th  2018


Ditch New Years Resolution Day

Title: Unresolution by Tommy Baker
Genre:  Non-Fiction, Self Improvement
What It Is About?:
Available: IN STORES NOW


Thesaurus Day

Title: Thesaurus Rex by Laya Steinberg
Genre:  Fiction, Childrens, Picturebook, Words
What It Is About?:  A active dinosaur helps children improve their vocabulary.
Available: IN STORES NOW

Title: Thesaurus Scales And Melodic Patterns by Nicolas Slonimsky
Genre: Non-Fiction, Reference,  Music
What It Is About?: A sourcebook for composers and performers
Available: MAY 29th  2018

Winnie The Pooh Day

Title: 5 Minute Winnie-The-Pooh Stories by Walt Disney Company
Genre:  Fiction, Juvenile
What It Is About?:  12 new stories featuring Winnie-The-Pooh and friends.
Available: IN STORES NOW

Title: The Art Of Winnie-The-Pooh by James Campbell
Genre: Non-Fiction, Art
What It Is About?: Behind the scenes of illustrator E.H. Shepard ideas behind the image of Winnie-The-Pooh and friends.
Available: APRIL 11th  2018


National Popcorn Day

Genre:  Fiction,Mystery, Cozy Mystery
What It Is About?: Rebecca Anderson finds a old diary in the renovation of her popcorn shop. As she reads it a murder occurs and she is a suspect.  
Available: IN STORES NOW

Title: Gourmet Popcorn by Georganne Bell
Genre: Non-Fiction, Cookbook,Snacks
What It Is About?: 100 different recipes from savory to sweet.
Available: FEBRUARY 1st  2018

National Tin Can Day

Title: Tin Can Titans by John Wukovits
Genre: Non-Fiction, History, Military, World War II
What It Is About?: The story of Destroyer Squadron 12 from 1942 to leading the United States Fleet into Tokyo Bay to receive the Japanese surrender in August 1945
Available: IN STORES NOW

Title: Tin Can Homestead by Natasha Lawyer
Genre: Non-Fiction, Home & Repair,  
What It Is About?: A DIY reference on building a airstream home.
Available: MAY 1st  2018


National Cheese Lovers Day

Title: Melt It: The Grilled Cheese Cookbook by Becks Wilkinson
Genre: Non-Fiction, Cookbook, Sandwiches
What It Is About?: 40 inventive and irresistible recipes for everyone's favorite sandwich.
Available: IN STORES NOW

Title: From Milk To Cheese by Bridget Heos
Genre: Non-Fiction, Juvenile, Health, Nutrition
What It Is About?: Learn the job of dairy farmer and cheese makers as they make cheese or ice cream out of milk.
Available: FEBRUARY 6th  2018

Penguin Awareness Day

Title: Baby Penguins by Katie Kawa
Genre: Non-Fiction, Juvenile, Science, Animals
What It Is About?: Cute photos and tidbits on baby penquins.
Available: IN STORES NOW

Title: Pongo Penguin’s Whale Of A Tale by Shirley Stepp
Genre: Fiction, Childrens, Picturebook, Animals
What It Is About?: Good natured Pongo try to make friends using acts of kindness that first do not succeed but he keeps trying.
Available: IN STORES NOW


National Hugging Day

Title: Paw Patrol: Group Hug! by Nickelodeon Publishing
Genre: Fiction, Childrens, Picturebook, Series
What It Is About?: From the tv series Paw Patrol. A book with actually arms to hug you.
Available: IN STORES NOW

Title: Hedgehog Needs A Hug by Jen Betton
Genre: Fiction, Childrens, Picturebook, Animals
What It Is About?: Hedgehog is in a mood, a mood that needs a hug but most of his friends won’t hug him because of his prickles.  
Available: JUNE 19TH 2018

Squirrel Appreciation Day

Title: The Flying Squirrel Stowaways by Marijke Simons
Genre: Fiction, Childrens, Picturebook, Animals
What It Is About?: Humans chop a tree with a family of Flying Squirrel. They do not know it but they are about to go on trip to Canada.
Available: IN STORES NOW

Title: The Squirrels’ Busy Year by Martin Jenkins
Genre: Fiction, Childrens, Picturebook, Animals
What It Is About?: A picturebook with a scientific take on squirrels way of life through the seasons.

Available: JULY 10TH 2018

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