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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Shannon's Review - Alphabet All-Stars: Where Does Panda Fit In? by Scott Gordon

Title: Alphabet All Stars: Where Does Panda Fit In?
Series: Alphabet All Stars
Author: Scott Gordon
Genre: Fiction, Childrens, Picture Book, Animals
Publisher: S.E. Gordon
Received: From Author/Publisher For Review
Release Date: February 2015
Pages: 56

Author Scott Gordon’s Official Websites:





Shannon’s Thoughts:

Sofie the Squirrel needs help finishing her alphabet so she asks Panda, who does not feel he fits anywhere, to help her.

A cute way to for a child to learn alphabet and animals. In fact there are some animals I had to look up because I had never seen or heard of them. I really enjoyed the art and cheerfulness of Sofie and Panda learning together and finding their place.

I am not giving 5 stars because I wanted more story so I was sad to see the book end.  I just really like the characters and art. Maybe even if the story was stretched more but it was pretty stretched out for a book on learning your alphabet.

Author Scott Gordon has written many children books and seems to have a real feel for it.  This is the second book I have read by him and I would encourage if you have young children to try his books. This one is especially cute.

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