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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Shannon's Review - The Enchanted World Of Jessica Galbreth


Title: The Enchanted World Of Jessica Galbreth
Series: N/A
Author: Jessica Galbreth
Genre: Art, Fantasy
Publisher:  Chimera Publishing
Received: as present
Release Date: July 2006
Pages: 160


Shannon’s Thoughts:

Reviewing a art book is a little difficult. I am reviewing both the description of the art and the drawings themselves. What makes it hard is that every image is so beautiful that it hard to come up with so many adjectives to describe the awesomeness.

 As I flip through pictures of different fairies and mermaids I am inspired to create similar fantasy art. Looking at the wonderful watercolors I am drawn to how each composition comes together.  One of my struggles with painting is blending a background that goes with the images in the foreground.  

Jessica Galbreth has a well known style. You can see with each fairy how they seem to come from the same family or imagination.   

I hope studying this art helps me with my own art.  Only time will tell. I also hope to see more of Jessica Galbreth’s paintings in years to come.

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