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Monday, April 25, 2016

Mumbling Monday - Starting A Series


(photo from Hung Chieh Tsai's photos.)

Part 1  - Starting a Series

 A lot of the time I start series not knowing it is the beginning of a book series. Most of the time finding out a book is the start of a series is one of the luckiest feelings. Lucky because when you loved the first book you find a note at the end saying to be continued.

Choosing to start a series of books can be overwhelming especially if you are very behind in your TBR pile but feel like you are missing out by not reading something everyone else is. A lot of the series I chose to read are popular series that most people have read already like,  Harry Potter, Twilight, Lord of The Rings, Game Of Thrones and True Blood series. Sometimes you just need to read something you know is good because of the volume of people who have read the series. You need to have fun reading or else you will stop reading altogether, which happens to me more often than I like.

There are certain series I may start because I like the subject and they have not caught on yet.  Most of the subjects are fantasy genre, like King Arthur, Retelling of Fairy Tales, Mythology, and Magical. There are times reading a single novel without prequels or sequels can be fulfilling. Reading and finishing any book, single or part of a series, feels like an accomplishment… at least for me.

Nowadays there are so many series to read and I would love to read them all.  I know that it is impossible to read every book I want to read in my lifetime.  I read one book and three more come out. The same goes with finishing a series. I may not finish them all but it is fun to try.

Do You Have A Favorite Series?

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Aeslabelle said...

I have two favorites! The Anita Blake Series and the Xanth series. But you are spot on about losing interest in reading when it's not fun. I haven't found a book to suck me into it for a very long time. I have at least three books that I've started reading and then just stopped reading without finishing it. =\

Shannon McGee said...

I feel like right now there is alot of book series that are good and I have started but not caught up with. Series like Game Of Thrones, Percy Jackson spin=offs, The Last Dragon Chronicles, and some Mercedes Lackey series.