Monday, February 1, 2016

Mumbling Mondays - Book Challenges


Excited Kitty by S. M. McGee 2016

So the excited kitty reading is me when I love reading.

‘What?  You mean there is a time you don’t love reading?’   

Yes there are times when I don’t love reading.  Either I have burned myself from reading too much or my real life is in downward depression mode.  Ain’t nothing getting done while the second one is going on.

Let’s not focus on the negative.  Right now reading is in upward movement.  I am excited and pumped.  Why am I so excited?  I don’t know could be the new year ...could be I am bi polar..who knows.

I think a lot of it is “New Year Excitement”.  With “New Year Excitement” you want to redeem yourself from prior years and do better: join book groups, reading challenges, or vlog/blog more.

Let talk more about reading challenges.
When I first started blogging about books.  There were groups on Yahoo and ning that had list of Challenges and events other bloggers were hosting.   Like 24hr Readathon, where you (try) to read a whole day while competing in fun challenges every hour or the Classic Books Challenge, where you try to read as many Classics in a year, month or week.

My favorites are the readathons although the last couple of times I have failed at the reading

Do You Have A Favorite Challenge?  Do You Have A New Group Or Event You Want To Share? Let Me Know!

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