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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Shannon's Review - Delilah Dusticle by A.J. York

Title: Delilah Dusticle
Series: Delilah Dusticle #1
Author: A. J. York
Genre: Children's, Fiction, Short Story
Publisher: A.J. York
Received: Purchased
Release Date: March 2013
Pages: 33

Author’s Websites:

A.J. York’s Official Website -

Delilah Dusticle Official Facebook Page -

Shannon’s Thoughts:

With powers to make dust disappear, Delilah Dusticle, is character full of love and life until... something happens to cause her powers to spread dust not eliminate it.  She wanders off sad and alone, just living day by day.

I fell in love with Delilah Dusticle.  Through her sadness you feel for her and want her find happiness again. Delilah’s story can be relatable to many children or adults that have lost their shine and hope for happier days.

The only issue I had with Delilah Dusticle was that there was no illustrations which would have given the start of the book personality and also help with it not feeling that it was dragging.

Delilah Dusticle starts out as a children’s book in need of illustrations but end up a short story for all ages as it teaches a wonderful life lesson. I look forward to the next book in the series Delilah Dusticle’s Transylvanian Adventure.

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