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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Shannon's Review - Amulet by Nancy Lee Parish

Title: Amulet
Series: The DragonBlade Series #1
Author: Nancy Lee Parish
Genre: Fantasy, Dragons
Publisher: Createspace
Received: Purchased
Release Date: November 2011
Pages: 503

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Shannon’s Thoughts:

Amulet, is the start of a fantasy series that reminds one of Christopher Paolini’s Inheritance series.  A boy, Tristan,  who stumbles across a magical amulet creates a dragon and finds out he is part Ecli (wizard).  His world suddenly gets much bigger as his sister is also part Ecli and they both discover that the gems and amulets they carry are part of a bigger picture.  There is also a dark Ecli that rules over parts of the land and creates havoc on the whole town Tristan lives in. The dark Ecli tries to get all of the 12 amulets killing people in it’s path.

I enjoyed reading about certain characters like Mina (dragon), Mayla(girl), Bub(dog), and Clare (dragon).   Some of the stories of the dark characters did take a turn I did not expect. Each of the dragons had their own personalities which made them relatable and most of them had a good sense of humor.

I read this in ebook format so sometimes it is hard to tell if the book is long. This book was long, with over 100 chapters and only 500+ pages.  I think the chapters made it feel longer because most book even if they are big have maybe up 35-40 chapters.

If I were to be asked “Would you read more from the series?” I would probably say, Yes. It was not a story that enveloped me like say Harry Potter but had some interesting moments.  I almost thought there was going to be a George R. R. Martin moment in the book but...the author went a different way.

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