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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Shannon's Review - Touchstones by Charlene Costanzo

Title: Touchstones
Series: N/A
Author: Charlene Costanzo
Genre: New Age, Self Help, Inspirational
Publisher: Quality Books Inc
Received: From Publisher
Release Date: October 2012
Pages: 272

Shannon’s Thoughts:

Touchstones is a compilation of short stories separated by twelve attributes ; strength, beauty, courage, compassion, hope, joy, talent, imagination, reverence, wisdom, love, and faith.

I look at Touchstones as a book similar to Chicken Soup For The Soul.  There are some hits and misses.  The stories are short, no more than two pages for each.  

Many of the stories were just not that memorable.  As I think now after just finishing it I vaguely remember parts of the stories I like but that might be my jumbled brain fault.

I believe Touchstones is a wonderful group of stories, quotes and questions that will bring people together and bring oneself compassion.


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