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Monday, March 11, 2013

Shannon's Review - The Wordy Shipmates by Sarah Vowell

Title: The Wordy Shipmates
Series: N/A
Author: Sarah Vowell
Genre: Non-Fiction, History, Humor
Publisher: Riverhead Trade
Received: Purchased
Release Date: October 2009
Pages: 254

Shannon’s Thoughts:

In The Wordy Shipmates we are shown that the Puritan’s life was not Thanksgiving every day.  They fought with the Indians,they fought the British and they fought with each other.

I found I liked The Wordy Shipmates near the end where she describes a trip with her niece and nephew to Boston.  During a reenactment of the Puritans war against the Indians, author Sarah Vowell’s nephew, who is wincing through violent scenes,  asks when do they have Thanksgiving. Vowell’s answer is 16 years earlier.  I like that because I related with the boy as he learned about the history but that was only one sentence or more.

I found this a very hard read.  I picked it up because I had seen Vowell on The Daily Show and I liked her sense of humor.  I found myself trying to read and not understanding what I read.  From other reviews it seems I picked the wrong Sarah Vowell book to start with.  The fact that it had no chapters was not a good thing.  It needed something to breakup what was being learned.

I wish I could have connected with the book and understood better to especially catch the humor.
As for now I will be on the lookout for Vowell’s early books.  This one is going to the exchange pile.




Bookworm1858 said...

I haven't read all her books yet but my favorite so far is Assassination Vacation because I am similarly fascinated with assassinations (more because I'm obsessed with the American presidency). That would be my recommendation for next to try.

Shannon McGee said...

Thanks I will keep an eye out for it! :-)