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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Shannon's Reviews - Theatre Of Shadow by B.E. Maxwell

Title: Theatre Of Shadows
Series: Faerie Door #2
Author: B. E. Maxwell
Genre: Juvenile Fiction,  Fantasy,
Publisher: Kindle
Received: Purchased
Release Date: December 2012
Pages: 450

Shannon’s Thoughts:

Elliot and Victoria return to this sequel of the juvenile fiction series The Faerie Door. Theatre Of Shadows is more dark and sinister than the first book.  We are introduced to more characters some more frightening than others. Victoria and Elliot have there hands full saving what almost seems like a city load of people in London in the 1800’s.  Elliot who is from 1960’s still feels relaxed and at home in Victoria presence.

What i like about the series is that the B.E. Maxwell creates a world that pretty much anything can happen.  I love that in some ways Victoria is a ex bully but still has that part of her who struggles on what not to do.    I love that Elliot is just himself and full of love for others.

I did feel like the Theatre Of Shadows was too dark sometimes.  Most of the book the bad people who worked for Mrs. Dreadlake/Ulricke were described as demons I would probably see in the movies today.  Very  Japanese looking like The Ring movies’ ghost.  Since most of the book was dark I had this horrible feeling things were not going to get better and Victoria and Elliot would not win.  In fact when I finished I had to reread because missed some parts of the books while I was thinking how can it end bad?

I really enjoyed reading it even though it was creepier than the first book The Faerie Door.  I had hoped for more books but was unsure by the ending if there will ever be.



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