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Friday, February 15, 2013

Shannon's Review - You Had Me At Woof by Julie Klam

Title: You Had Me At Woof
Series: N/A
Author:  Julie Klam
Genre: Non-Fiction, Pets
Publisher: Riverhead Hardcover
Received: Puchased
Release Date: September 2010
Pages: 228

My Thoughts:
Author Julie Klam wrote You Had Me At Woof to share her love of dogs and finding them homes as a foster fur baby mom.  Some of the dogs she kept herself other she just watched until they found their permanent home.

Being a dog, and cat lover I know if I started the job of fostering I would not be able to let go of the pets.  Although Mrs. Klam has had the issue of keeping a dog she fostering many times, especially since she does have a daughter who also become attached, she has learned to let go of those that need a better home.  While reading this book I had dreams about me and hubby have 5 dogs at once which was crazy even in the dream but every dog was full of love.  Although some may have been annoying.   I loved reading about each dog Mrs. Klam took in and the different personalities the pups had.  

I am not sure I connected on how the dogs made her happy.  Considering the sub title is Dogs Taught Me The Secret To Happiness.   Was it just because they were a dog and dogs can make her feel happy or was it because she was taking care of them bringing good karma to herself.
Couple of the dogs seemed troublesome at times to care for to me that would not bring the happiness.

I  liked the book very much and would not mind reading more of Julie Klam’s books.  Her writing is entertaining and thoughtful.


Official Website of Julie Klam

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