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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Shannon's Review - The 12 Steps To Peace by Johnny F.

Title: The 12 Steps To Peace
Series: N/A
Author: Johnny F.
Genre: Current Events, Self Help
Publisher: Xlibris Corp.
Received: From Publicist for Review
Release Date:  June 2012
Pages: 228

Shannon’s Thoughts:

The 12 Steps To Peace is basically the Alcoholics Anonymous 12 step program but written in a way that we can use the steps towards a goal of world peace.

The author of this is an Alcoholic Anonymous member and describes a lot of the steps he went through as an alcoholic which I believes helps transfer the way we should think about peace. Especially since some of the steps are really a way to welcome peace and balance to yourself.

Some of the other ways the author Johnny F. describes things going on in some countries is confusing to me because I hear or see was is going on and my brain just down when the reasons for wars or terrorism, my brain just stops making sense of things and all I can think is I don’t understand.   So yes there is some talk of wars going on now and politics but I can not really transfer what that means I should do about those things happening.

I think this was a really good idea taking steps to change yourself is the main thing you can do to make peace happen because you can not change anyone but yourself.



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