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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Shannon's Review - Alphabet Anatomy by Linda Ann Jones

Title: Alphabet Anatomy
Series: N/A
Author: Linda Ann Jones
Genre: Childrens Book, Picture Book
Publisher: Friesen Press
Received:  From Author for Review
Release Date: August 2012
Pages: 32

Shannon’s Thoughts:
With creative drawing and snazzy rhymed sentences.   Each letter has a unique word match to it.  While some of the words are simple other are ones rarely used and nice to see them utilized to help kids learn the meanings.

I really liked the art in Alphabet Anatomy.  It was done by the author’s son which is a neat bonus I am sure for the partners and readers.

Down side that letter X is a pain to rhyme darnit.   I would have preferred to still have made the word associated with it a word beginning with an X, instead of Excited, even if I couldn’t rhyme with it.  I thought it might confuse a child.

Alphabet Anatomy is a very good children’s picture book with great visual and smart sentences that the kids can have fun and learn at the same time.



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