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Friday, January 25, 2013

Rebecca's Review - Secrets Unveiled by Sheshena Pledger

Title: Secrets Unveiled
Series: N/A
Author: Sheshena Pledger
Genre: Thriller
Received: From author for review
Release Date: July 2008
Pages: 320

Rebecca’s Thoughts:

I do enjoy it when an author takes a unique approach to the written word. That is what Sheshena Pledger does in Secrets Unveiled.
This is the story of not one man, as the synopsis hinted at, but of several people caught in a tangled web of deceit and murder. A notorious family wants bloodshed and will allow nothing to stand in its way, nothing. To be honest, this story was very confusing. The chapters would jump around from different points of view. It wasn’t easy to determine whose point of view it was many times. The reader was inside the person’s head which meant many of the thoughts were left unexplained and gave me a sense of confusion.

I had trouble keeping up with storyline because of the chaotic POV. It was very hard to follow. There is a lot of language in it. I’m not just talking cussing. The language is crude and so are some of the scenes. This is not a story for the weak of heart that are reading it. Many of the crude scenes were unnecessary. I understand that many of them were ones that helped explain a character or a situation, but many times, in my opinion, they went too far.
I started this review off about the unique approach to the book. Ms. Pledger does take a unique approach when she looks through the minds of the characters and let their emotions run rampant on the page. In a sense, that is great and is an expressive way to write. It was just not my style. To anyone who likes to try adventurous writing styles and can handle crude language and scenes, I highly encourage you to read this book. Otherwise, you might want to just skip over it.


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Teddy Rose said...

Great review. Too bad the book was hard to follow. I don't like it when books are all over the place like that.

Rhomy P said...

Such a shame you didn't like it that much, the cover is gorgeous!

Michelle Cornwell-Jordan said...

Informative and honest review, thanks for sharing!


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