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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Shannon's Review - Scented Adventure Of The Bouquet Sisters In Fairyland by Susan Liberty Hall

Title: Scented Adventures Of The Bouquet Sisters In Fairyland
Series: N/A
Author: Susan Liberty Hall
Genre: Children, Fantasy, Fairies
Publisher: Inkwell Productions
Received: From Author For Review
Release Date: September 2011
Pages: 83

My Thoughts:

Yes this is a scratch and sniff book.  Yes there are fairies. Written in are the author’s grandchildren as characters.   The book ties in healing essential oils, world healing and religion

The art is grand.  It hard not to love Josephine Wall’s work.  Having a scented section in the book is an awesome idea.   Connecting it to fairies and healing is a wonderful idea.

 I thought when I first started reading this it was going to go into more about the aromatherapy of the oils or scents you smell in the book but it did not have as much as I hoped.  The Fairies in the book I don’t they had to be there or really remember which were the fairies.  The author’s thoughts on religion runs through rabidly.   It comes across as preachy and just takes away from the fantasy story.   There were not as many scratch n sniff sections, maybe 3 or 4.   One thing that really irks me about the end is the author basically states not to get you essential oils from anyone except her brand.

I was disappointed in the book.  It was not even a good story more as thoughts weaven not so coherently about healing the world.  Which I think is a great topic and yes we should be healing us and the world.  I just wish the book had more structure.


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