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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Shannon's Review - If I Were You by L. Ron Hubbard

Title: If I Were You
Series: N/A
Author: L. Ron Hubbard
Genre: Pulp Stories, Fiction
Publisher: Galaxy Press
Received: From Publicist  for review
Release Date: June 2008
Pages: 212

My Thoughts:

This book has two pulp stories by L. Ron Hubbard first published in magazines years ago.
The first one:

If I Were You -
This a fantasy stories about a little person, named Little Tom, and a black magic magician at a circus.  The magic dies but Little Tom inherits his books even though the magician hated him.
Thing of course go awry and body switching ensues.

I enjoyed this one a little. I do like Hubbard’s fantasy more than sci fi.

The second story is :

The Last Drop-

A bartender drinks adds a strange syrup to his drink and his head inflates and mob boss comes in.  The Mob Boss whole body begins to shrink after he drinks the syrup.  

This one was strange and remind me of the scene in Alice in Wonderland.  I do not remember how it ends but I am sure it was strange because that is what Hubbard does well strangeness.

If you think of it these two stories are centered around plots that we have had in movies before and get redone after time. Like the first story we would probably think of Freaky Friday and the second story as I said Alice in Wonderland. Of course the ending is different for each. Decent stories  but stuff I have seen before.



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