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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Shannon's Review - Pinterest Power by Jason Miles and Karen Lacey

Title: Pinterest Power
Series: N/A
Authors: Jason Miles and Karen Lacey
Genre: Non Fiction, Business, Marketing
Publisher: McGraw Hill
Received: From publisher
Release Date: October 2012
Pages: 230

My Thoughts:

Pinterest Power is book to help you market your online or offline business.

As a regular Jane with an average brain, I did learn new things about Pinterest and how to connect to my business.  

Although I feel the way it was written was hard for me to understand. I did try some of the techniques at the peak interest on Pinterest but no sales yet. It is has only been a week.

I found that The Idiots Guide to Pinterest Marketing was a much better way of learning new things to do with Pinterest.  


Official Pinterest Power Website

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