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Friday, December 28, 2012

Shannon's Review - Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy

Title: Anna Karenina
Series: N/A
Author: Leo Tolstoy
Genre: Fiction, Classic, Russian Literature
Publisher: Public Book Domain
Received: Free on Kindle
Release Date: 1877
Pages: 1170

My Thoughts:
This book is titled Anna Karenina but Anna is not the only main character. Levin a young man trying hard to be successful at work and to marry his sweetheart.    Anna on the other hand is married and also has a sweetheart on the side.  Anna’s story is probably the one that dominates the book.  Anna wants freedom from her husband to go off with her lover.  Of course her husband is anything but happy when she tells him this.  

I was more a fan of the character Levin.  Although I did have trouble in his interest in farm work.   I did however love the idea of Kitty and Levin as a couple even though there is struggle to get there. Levin as understand it may also be representing the author Leo Tolstoy.

Most of the characters in this book are unlikable (Anna, Vronsky, Anna’s husband, and Anna’s brother).   What I found made Anna more unlikable was I saw her weakness in myself.  That made me dislike her more.   I wanted her to gain a little backbone and stop whining.

The book as a whole did not get interesting until exactly half way through it. And that was when Levin became more of a focus.  This was a hell of a book to get through.   This is definitely not one I am going to reread.



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Bookworm1858 said...

Congrats on finishing this-I have made it through about 300/800 pages in my copy and haven't touched it in a while. That's a goal for the New Year. Maybe it will pick up when it shifts more to Levin, like you said.