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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Shannon's Review - Fairies At Bedtime by Karen Wallace

Title: Fairies At Bedtime
Series: N/A
Author: Karen Wallace
Genre: Children Book, Fantasy
Publisher: Watkins
Received: from publisher for review
Release Date: October 2012
Pages: 170

What is it About?

A group of 20 short stories featuring fairies that teach life lessons to children.

My Thoughts:

Every short begins about the same “Close your eyes and take a deep breathe. Imagine that you at a river, or a beach, or a farm, or inside on a rainy day.”   I am paraphrasing because I am writing from memory.  Each story has questions and affirmations to teach your child to use their imagination and to be a good kid.

I thought some of the stories were cute and others repetitive. . The stories were short and pretty simplistic.   I would place it in the age group of age 2-5.  I thought have discussion questions at the end was nice.  

I was not a fan of making the stories so simple.   I wanted more from the stories but I guess since I am not the target audience I should not complain.   I just feel that even some kids will think this too simple as well.   

The stories in general are not memorable, to me anyway.  I remember that there were many different fairies in the stories, but I do not remember  most of the stories.  I don’t know if they would stick with child any better and you would want them to if you are focused on using the affirmations at the end.


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