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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Shannon Review - The Naturals by Sharon R. C. Petersen

Title: The Naturals
Series: N/A
Author: Sharon R.C. Petersen
Genre: Childrens, Fantasy
Publisher: Book Guild Publishing
Received: From Author for Review
Release Date: 2010
Pages: 170

What is it About?

Short stories about different parts of nature

My Thoughts:

These fairy tale type stories tell fantasy stories about some of nature’s biggest stars such as, Rainy (rain), Sunny (sun), Windy (wind), Cloudy (cloud) and more.  After each story there are about 3 questions to discuss what you and your child thought about the stories and whether you believe that these nature stars would do what happens in the stories or not.

I like the thought of telling each of the naturals stories and the questions are okay after too.  The stories remind me of the most recent book review which was , Fairies at Bedtime.

I didn’t like the names and little poem at that end of each story saying goodnight.  Something about the stories seems too simple.  That might be that little children will like them. I can only ask my inner child what I think of the stories.

The stories are okay and a little repetitive but  they are meant to be read one a night I believe not all at once which is what I did.  The stories are not quite as sweet as Fairies at Bedtime but at least would be for either boy or girl to read.


Sharon R. C. Petersen Official Website

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