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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Shannon's Review - Dear Wish Fairy by Eve Bunting

Title: Dear Wish Fairy
Series: N/A
Author: Eve Bunting
Genre: Beginning Reader, Juvenile Fiction
Publisher: Scholastic
Received: Swap
Release Date: December 2000
Pages: 28

What is it About?

Annabelle writes to a Wish Fairy hoping to get 5 wishes.

My Thoughts:

Every little girl has a wish for something. Some girls may even have more than one wish like Annabelle.  She has five wishes and polite as she can she asks the Wish Fairy for 5 wishes.

The book is short as it a Beginning Reader and there are only a few words on each page.  Which makes it easier for the student to learn to read the words.  Although it is short it has a very endearing quality to the story.   She wants five “simple” wishes.  All together she sees the wishes as the best party ever.

This story will speak to boy or girl and simple words at a level 2. Which according to scholastic means it is for Ages 5-7.



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