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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Picture This - The Lindbergh Baby

Still reading The Aviator's Wife by Melanie Benjamin.  It is about the marriage of Anne and Charles Lindbergh.   The picture above is a actual picture of the Lindbergh's first child Charles Jr or Chas. 
Now maybe you heard of "The Lindbergh Baby" from your grandparents.  Anne and Charles were very famous aviators and it is unfortunate but some one kidnapped there son Charles.   They were given a ransom  note for the return of the child.  The baby was found months later dead.   Whether they would have gotten young Chas back before the press caused chaos by somehow getting the random note and printing it.
After that they would get tons of mail just like the letter and even more crack pots knocking on there door and phone.  They were never able to tell which  notes were from the real kidnappers after that.

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