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Monday, November 19, 2012

Rebecca's Review - Operation Blue Light by Philip Chabot

Title: Operation Blue Light
Series: N/A
Author: Philip Chabot
Genre: Memoir ???
Publisher: Cherubrim Publishing
Received: From Publisher
Release Date: September 2008
Pages: 303

What is it About?

This proclaimed “true story” about author Philip Chabot and his growing power of psychic abilities.  Power so great he may have stopped a war.

Rebecca’s Thoughts:

There are some descriptions on books that really get your attention. I have to admit that Operation Blue Light: My Secret Life Among Psychic Spies by Philip Chabot got my attention. I was rather excited to read it.
First off, Mr. Chabot declares that this is a true story. I don’t know much about psychics. I am not saying I don’t believe in them, but I will say that I’m a skeptic on who really is and who isn’t. I was able to put that aside as I read this book. I am always open minded and willing to learn something new. Most books get me interested in a topic in which I explore later.
All of that aside, I had a really hard time believing anything within this book. It felt more like a fiction novel than a true story. The dialogue wasn’t real. I’m even including the psychic ‘talks’. Everything felt too stiff and forced. It didn’t flow well at all. Even as fiction, this book couldn’t carry through. Fiction would have more entertainment within it.
The ‘plot’ itself felt like a feeble attempt to create an interesting set of events. I honestly could not see anyone doing what the author did or even react the way he did. The flow of the entire book was jagged.
I honestly felt like the story was being pulled with a piece of thread while it was sitting there like a fifty ton boulder. It was a real struggle to finish the book but I had to know how it ended. Whether or not Mr. Chabot is a real physic, I cannot answer. He is not one to communicate his experiences in a manner that keeps the reader engaged and wanting more.
I will say that it had potential as a good fiction book. I think of the author had gone that route even if he is for real, the book might have been better.
I would have to honestly rate this book a 1 star.

Note: This book was given to me by an associate with no expectation of a positive review.


Philip Chabot’s Official Website

review written by
Rebecca Graf
Author of Deep Connections
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Teddy Rose said...

Too bad it didn't work for you. great review!

Rhomy PP said...

Great review, such a shame you spend time on a book you didn't like :(
Is it mean if I say the cover is ugly?

Nightly Cafe said...

Great review. I hate when a book just doesn't connect with us. It happens though.

Anonymous said...
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