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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Review - The Fault In The Star by John Green

Title: The Fault In Our Stars
Series: N/A
Author: John Green
Genre: Young Adult
Publisher:  Dutton
Received: Purchased
Release Date: January 2012
Pages: 313

What is it About?

Two young lover learning to live although they have cancer.

My Thoughts:

I found it amazing how much I could relate to the situations that Hazel and Gus went through.
I especially remember the beginning of the book where they were in Cancer support group.  John Green describes exactly how it feels to be in a support group like that.   Now I don’t have cancer mine is a mental illness but I have felt and thought about all the things Hazel and Gus had.

Now I read a lot of people cried or teared up while reading some of this book.  I didn’t but I still found much of the book endearing and truthful.  The connection between the main characters was at times funny, loving and scary.  I say scary because they both take chances with loving each other, just as anyone else would be taking.

Even though some of the characters have Cancer or an illness the book isn’t dark.  It is actually very joyful and book that could be read over again.


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