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Monday, March 12, 2012

Review - What Is Your Self Worth? by Cheryl Saban

Title: What Is Your Self Worth?
Series: N/A
Author: Cheryl Saban
Genre: Self Improvement
Publisher: Hay House
Received: From Publicist for review
Release Date:  May 2009
Pages: 336

What is it About?

A self help book for woman that helps them describe there self worth.

My Thoughts:

I feel I mistook what I was going receive from this book.   I thought it was going to be a book that eventually gave ideas or options on how to help myself feel less worthless but it did not.  The book just describes different groups of woman and were there worth is.  Yes I know from the title I should have guessed it was book that labels how woman feel into groups but I thought near the end would give me some thing.  I even had the work book with it and it really made me feel more depressed because I already knew how I feel worth wise.  My problem is trying to change that.

It was written well for it’s subject but I found no peace of mind reading it.


Official What Is Your Self Worth Site

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