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Friday, September 9, 2011

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Q. Have you ever wanted a villain to win at the end of a story? If so, which one??

I can't think of a book with a villian that I wanted to win but there have been definately flawed characters that I have wanted to have a happier ending.  For example I just finished The Great Gatsby and every character in it is flawed there is no real bad guy they are all kinda bad at some point.  You just kinda hope they gain some sense.


Jules said...

I said no as well. I don't think this question has really been an easy one to answer.

Lisa (Lisa's World of Books) said...

I am really enjoying that so many people are visiting the classics for this question. Honestly they didn't even come to mind.

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fairypenguin said...

Oh, The Great Gatsby was one of my favorite mandatory books in high school!

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Renu said...

Hi, just hopping through!

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Tia said...

Just hopping through! I couldn't think of a decent answer! New follower!

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Jennifer | Book Den said...

I love characters that are multi-layered like that. Most bad guys aren't bad *all* the time.

TG said...

I think The Great Gatsby is a book where the bad guys did win, or at least, the hero didn't. Although, it's true, no one's completely bad in that book. I don't like Daisy or Tom much though...

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"Confuzzled" Shannon said...

Jules - I agree not an easy question.

Lisa - The Great Gatsby came to mind because I just reviewed it.

fairypenguin - I actually disliked the book both times I read it which were for fun. Following you!

Renu - Thanks for stopping by. Following you too.

Tia - Thanks following you back.

Jennifer - I guess I am too straight laced. I like my characters defined, good or bad.

TG - Your right no one is completely bad but no one is good either. All they cared aboutwas themselves that is why I disliked it.