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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Walt Disney : An American Original by Bob Thomas

Title: Walt Disney: An American Original
Author: Bob Thomas
Genre: Biography, Non-Fiction
Publisher: Disney Editions
Received: Purchased for fun
Release Date: May 1994
Pages: 397

What is it About?
The Life and Creations of Walt Disney from time birth to after his death.

My Thoughts:

Walt Disney has always been someone I admired as a child and probably more so now as an adult.  He inspired so many and this book describes about how it did not just come easy for Walt.   Every thing he did was hard and he had to work even harder to work for what he believed in.   Whether it was lying about his age to go into the Red Cross or talking up a movie before it was even made that it would be great.  There are sides to Walt Disney that was not perfect or definitely not simple.  No, Walt was not a simple man.   From even a young age he showed imagination and potential.  As did his brother Roy always by his side.
I am more inspired as a person to work harder after reading this book.   It seems that Walt saw potential in everything and everybody he saw or met.   I am lucky enough to have seen some of his creations like movies and Walt Disney World. Even if some of it did not pan out as he envisioned.  A very inspiring man and book.


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