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Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Devil In The White City by Erik Larson

Title: The Devil In The White City   
Author: Erik Larson
Genre: Non-Fiction, History
Publisher: Vintage
Received: Purchased for Book Club
Release Date:     February 2004
Pages: 447

What is it About?
Creation of the Chicago’s World Fair and tie between serial killings of a deceiving doctor around the same time.

My Thoughts:
This book goes back and forth between the architects that built the World’s Fair and a man who pretended to be a doctor and hid his brutal serial killings.

I wish the architects side of the story was more interestingly written as the serial killer's had been.   So unfortunately I would say that I skimmed when ever I was reading about the architects but was more interested the mind workings of the serial killer which was probably just because the architects story was more on facts and measurement and the killer mindset was more imagined.

Near the end of the book the architect side does become more interesting.  We learn of the first Ferris Wheel and the fire that took it all down.   

While I enjoyed reading parts of this book which why I say I liked it but I did skim a lot that I felt was boring.  I did feel that some of it was a learning experience about the time and setting of the era.  I don’t think I would re-read but some of the book was still interesting.


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