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Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday's Change Yourself, Change The World - Nothing

This week's post is about Nothing.
That's right it is about Nothing.  Not in as it is about having nothing to say but of being Nothing.
Something snapped in my brain yesterday and it was the thought if we are all good and bad does that mean we are all special and not special (nothing) at the same time. Inside each of us is the power to be something or be nothing we choose which we want to be. Yesterday over stress and worries I decide I was nothing.  

This thought scared me.  It scared the hell out of me.  What I if I were just meant to do nothing? Be nothing?
I don't feel very connected lately to people, to God, to anything but creativity.  Sure some people my say creativity is a link to God but I don't feel that....right now. 

Have you read/ seen anything this week that inspired you to do something?
The Artist's Way The Artist's Way by Jula Cameron (week 3)

In this book it speaks about find God/Great Spirit(whatever you may call this being) through creativity in which you find yourself.  There are a list of challenges to do throughout the week and I read one, of course it was on doing something for yourself which are the tasks I am not really doing so well at.  This task made me throw the book down and a say "This book is bunch of (insert word here)!"  Now I don't really think that or maybe I do. 
I wouldn't say it inspired me this week  really.  The book also describes moments that you will have like this that your inner critic will decide (when you get scared) that what you are doing is stupid or dumb.  I have this happen all the time.  I beat the crap out of myself in my head.  It is just automatic and I am trying to change that.  One reason I am choosing to continue with this book.

The Autobiography of Mrs. Tom Thumb: A NovelThe Autobiography of Mrs. Tom Thumb: A Novel by Melanie Benjamin (on sale July 2011)

I finished up this book an a lot of what the main character Lavina deals with is whether your big or small or special or average you are you and to be happy with you can not be decided by anyone else but yourself.

Some people can be consider brave for just being themselves whether they admit it to themselves or not.
Trying not to spoil anything but these are the things Lavina is face with on a daily basis.

Confuzzled Designs is my Art Blog .  I have decided to challenge myself to draw something everyday that is trending in the news.   So far I have come up with drawing from Norse Mythology, cartoon ligers , caricature of Sarah Palin and Cthulhu playing basketball with a planet (to be shown tomorrow)  You can see what I am come up with there along with other crafts I do through out the week..

How are you helping others?

I noticed last week I reversed this question how you helping other to how can other help you.  Freudian slip anyone?   Although this is the question I meant I answered it as this one as well and I still think my answer is the same by admitting I need help can help others. Look at last week's post to see my full answer.

What are you trying to prove?

Again the answer is Nothing.  Except that I can make it through the day. Day by day.

How about you?? What have you done this week to make a difference in yourself or with others?

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Alyce said...

I think that we all contribute in small ways, and we don't have to be famous or create a new nonprofit organization or find the cure for cancer/AIDs in order to leave our mark.

I also think we all go through times like this. But I think the important things in life can be the little things, those small kindnesses that we do for each other can make a world of difference when all added up.