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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Zan-Gah by Allan Richard Shickman

Title: Zan-Gah
Series: Prehistoric Adventure Series #1
Author: Allan Richard Shickman
Genre: Young Adult
Publisher: Earthshaker Books                                          
Received: From Publisher for Review Purposes
Release Date: July 2007
Pages: 148

What is it about?
A boy, Zan, becomes and man, Zan-Gah, in this prehistoric adventure  Zan-Gah goes on search for his twin who left just before Zan-Gah gained his adult status.

My Thoughts:
Either I am in a great mood these days or the books I pick to read are pretty awesome!

Zan-Gah is a story with life lessons about facing fears, adulthood and become who your are meant to be. And this is just the first book in it’s series! I will be reading the second book! I am so eager to learn what comes next. Just in general I am eager to learn from it as I did with Zah-Gah!


earthshakerbooks said...

Hi Shannon,

I am delighted that you loved Zan-Gah. Now, on to the sequel! My third Zan-Gah book, Dael and the Painted People, is coming out soon too. New website:


Allan R. Shickman

"Confuzzled" Shannon said...

I was wondering if another was coming out;-)

Thanks for stopping by!;-D