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Thursday, December 2, 2010

DragonSpell by Donita K. Paul

Title: DragonSpell
Series: Dragon Keeper Chronicles
Author(s): Donita K. Paul
Genre: Fantasy, Religious Fiction
Publisher:  Waterbrook  Press                                        
Received: from paperback swap
Release Date:     June 22nd 2004
Finished: August 1st 2010
Pages: 352
Challenges: None



My Thoughts:

The book starts out with a young peasant girl, Kale, leaving her birth place being pulled to something greater then even she expected.   Kale seems to have a radar for dragon eggs and trouble.  

She soon finds friends and those that know of her hidden magical talents that are connected to all dragons.  As she befriends those in her current party and dragons that cross her path or hatch from a egg.  She finds her path leads her true self and the world she lives in.

This book interested me because I saw it in the christian fiction section of course now the books have been switched to the fantasy section.    I thought it unusual that a series of books featuring dragons and christian influences.    So I read the first book and I still don’t understand how or where Christianity comes into play.

What I did like about it was how the story is in progress as you start reading Dragonspell.  I am also a big fan of any story with a dragon or two and a fantasy story with magic.

While I disliked some the traveling groups impatience with Kale learning her gifts that she was just learning she had.

I enjoyed the world that Donita K. Paul created.  It reminded me a little bit like Piers Anthony’s Xanth world.  There were humorous times and then there were serious adventurous times.

I think fantasy lovers will enjoy this start to a series. The first book is adventure packed and even a good story for Young Adult readers.

About the Author: Donita K. Paul is a retired school teacher.  She started writing after retirement.  She has written Romance, YA, children’s and fantasy.   She will soon be releasing in 2011 a second picture book in the Dragon and the Turtle series called The Dragon and The Turtle Go On Safari.   See her official website for further info



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