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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hearts Of Stone by Kate Gessner

Title: Hearts of Stone


Author(s): Kate Gessner

Genre:Christan Inspiration

Publisher: Author House

Received: from author as requested for review purposes

Release Date: October 23 2008

Finished: September 19, 2010

Pages: 108

Challenges: None


My Thoughts:

What this this is is not so much as a book but a small journal of Mrs. Gessner’s dreams that she claims come straight from God. She says many times the things she dreams warn her of whats to happen 2 weeks later..

It’s not that I do not believe Mrs. Gessner. I believe that Mrs. Gessner believes what info she has come across in sleep state is true. When I read what she has written of her dreams and connection with God I am not sure what to believe. She wrote this book as a warning for things to come, such as the end of times. Well she maybe warning us but what exactly are we suppose to do about something set in motion by the great being who created us. I just feel that this is a book that is taken with a grain of salt.

About the Author: Kate Gessner has actually shared this book on her website in the forums. She also post about recent dreams in the forums as well. Her offical site is

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