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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Little Stories by Jeff Roberts

Title: Little Stories

Series: None

Author(s): Jeff Roberts

Genre: Essays

Publisher: Outskirt Press

Received: From Bostwick Communications for review purposes

Release Date: August 14th 2008

Finished: September 13th, 2010

Pages: 108

Challenges: None


My Thoughts: Little Stories is just that, a bunch of little stories of different people at different places in there lives. Written by the author while he attended college.
Starting the first story “Relativity” captures the feelings of loss, anger and disappointment.
Another story “A Triptych” where a married man on a break from his wife sits on a bus next to an older farmer who misses his dead wife of 50 years. As the older gentleman talks about his history with his wife the younger man thinks of his wife. The end of the story you can see a difference of farmer’s life back in the day to the way relationships are now.
My least favorite story was “A Question of Perspective”. The story ended so abruptly and I didn’t really understand it.
I enjoyed the stories although most of the stories ended sadly or poorly. I in some ways I liked it because of those things. The writer captures emotions well and you really relate to what the characters are feeling.

About the Author: Jeff Roberts resides in Kansas. He has written a few other books and poetry. There is no official website that I can find if you know other wise let me know.

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