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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Donner The Western Dragon : A Hero’s Tale by Suzanne Davis Marion

Title: Donner The Western Dragon : A Hero’s Tale

Series: None

Author(s): Suzanne Davis Marion


Publisher: Book Surge Publishing

Received:From Bostick Communications for review purposes

Release Date: November 27th 2009

Finished: September 14th 2010

Pages: 40

Challenges: None


My Thoughts: Donner is unlike many of the Western Dragons. He is calm and likes the peacefulness of the meadow. The other dragons tease him because his best friend is a unicorn.
The teasing stops when Donner does something the other dragons couldn’t.
This a beautifully illustrated book. I love the water colored panels, they make the flow of the story unique.
Fantasy tales like this always make me feel like a kid again. I think it will be a joy to read too any child.

About the Author: Suzanne Davis Marion wrote another book called Too Many Tutus . I did not find a official book site for Mrs. Marion but she has a site for her custom made lullabies

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