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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Booking Through Thursday - Digital Age

I also posted my answer in the comments but if any one else wants to see...

First. Go read this great article from Time Magazine: Books Gone Wild: The Digital Age Reshapes Literature. (Well worth reading.)

Second. Stop and think about it for moment. Computers and digital media are changing everything we do these days, whether we realize it or not, and that includes our beloved books.


Tell us what you think. Do you have an ebook reader? Do you read ebooks on your computer? Do you hate the very thought? How do you feel about the fact that book publishing is changing and facing much the same existential dilemma as the music industry upon the creation of MP3s?

I do not own a kindle or an ebook reader. I have bought and read some books in PDF format. I usually struggle with reading that format because while I like being on the computer reading digital format has it down fall on your eyes. I also love the feeling of actually paper bound books but while I love the smell the feel, I also know it is killing our trees. So maybe the digital age of book isn’t a bad thing because of that

Here’s what i can’t see buying digital books for kids. I think for kids they are always going to have the bound book. I can’t imagine a picture book in a kindle. But maybe they do do that.

On the self publishing note I think is great self publishing is doing so well. Give me hope if that is the direction I plan on going with my books.

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