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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Shannon's Review - Jesus Freak: Martyrs by DC Talk and Voice of the Martyrs

Title:: Jesus Freaks: Martyrs
Series:: None
Author(s):: DC Talk and Voice for the Martyrs
Genre:: Christian
Summary: Stories of those who stood for Jesus.
Finished: 01/20/2009
Challenges:20 Book in 2009(8),

My Thoughts: I think with a book like this, you can't help but compare yourself to the people in the book. It is part of the purpose of the book. I wonder about myself; whether I would have faith strong enough to die for it. Right now, I don't think I would. So it's interesting to me that all the people in this book have died or lived for there faith. Part of me wants to strive to be like them—living for my faith. Another part is confused.
I think this is a interesting book for most Christians to read because we all want to strive to be more faithful in life. If you are not Christian, I am not sure it will interest you. It might but I think it is a little strong for non-Christians.

About the Authors: DC Talk is a Christian rock band made famous by their most popular song, "Jesus Freaks". Visit them at

Voice of the Martyrs is an organization serving the persecuted church. Visit them at

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